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1/6/2008 c19 19Hydie
1/6/2008 c19 5hi-tanner85
I love him again.


Great Chapter.
1/5/2008 c19 toazdo
Yay, great story! Love it!

What was up with Adrian when he got back? It's clear that he's not tired of her so what was it?

I can't believe he's getting married. I was secretly hoping that he would masrry her instead even though she's a slave and it's probably not appropriate..

Can't wait till you update!Soon hopefully =)
1/5/2008 c19 NobleAngel015
omg! amazing story! please update soon!
1/5/2008 c19 cherry111
this was a good chapter
1/5/2008 c19 yayawhynot89
Wow i just read this entire fic. today and i absolutely LOVE it and can't wait for more :D
1/5/2008 c19 1goodbyemylover
they're falling in love!

this was actually a really sweet chapter, and it made me happy...even though they were showing it through sex, haha.

i'm really glad you updated quickly, cause i was curious to see what happened next...as always.

keep up the great work (and quick updating, haha)!
1/5/2008 c13 2Mademoiselle Rouge
This story is great !

I love how you write, and how Kylie did not give in to Adrian right away.

Can't wait for more !

Pleeaase update soon :)
1/5/2008 c19 2mythee
This chapter is so HOT!

I love Adrian and Kylie, they're so cute in this chapter! Was that jealousy I sense from Kylie? lol.

Kylie is becoming a 'nam-sa' now.

seeya in next chapter
1/5/2008 c19 1Diinaxx
1/4/2008 c19 1September Sapphire
i love adrian
1/4/2008 c19 Miss Fairytale
Wow, another great chapter. Amazing work. I like her plan a lot since the story was taking such a sad turn.
1/4/2008 c19 3shy green rock
Dang I can't believe that it worked. I also can't believe that you are updating so quickly, I love it! I liked the chapter. It was more of the old nicer Adrian, which is the one I hope Kylie ends up with. How is this going to work out?
1/4/2008 c19 Nikkii
Holy crap! your story just gets better and better!
1/4/2008 c19 Sonora-Margaret
Good plan Kylie!
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