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for Hanging by a Thread

10/12/2009 c21 leckie
love this story cant wait for more to see if she ever gets home
9/6/2009 c21 1deltaphi
This is such a good story, please update! sooner...later...whenever...
8/24/2009 c21 curator
Oh...I reckon she should stab him in his sleep and then run away while everyone is confused. Yup yup. I really hope she and Kade don't get involved, though. He's a nice guy, and she started off as such a sweet person. Now, she's so incredibly jaded.
6/14/2009 c1 simplicity0o1
I love this story so much and it upsets me that you've left it unfinished. I was cleaning up my favourites list today and I read this story again 'cause it's just so amazing.

So please finish it. You've gotten so far with and it frustrates me that it's not finished D:
5/29/2009 c21 Night-Rayne
well that was interesting
5/15/2009 c21 2mythee
whoa this story's been out for long. Yea, I read all of you stories and I'm glad they're all completed, except for this one. I think I have reviewed you several times before...?

I really like your stories.

This is just a random review wondering if you are ever going to finish this one (since you finished all of the others)?

3/21/2009 c1 Lesumi
It's a good story!
1/26/2009 c21 11figments
this story is fascinating! i started reading it thinking it was complete (oops), and was surprised to come to the last chapter without it having ended, and now i don't know what i'll do if you don't finish it!

i love how kylie's character develops, and everything that she goes through. i don't know how i could picture this ending - it seems impossible for her situation to change at all. therefore, you better finish this - because i need to know how it ends! i can't imagine what you have up your sleeve, and am waiting to find out! UPDATE SOON!

kylie is such an interesting character. i think one of my favorite moments is when she kisses kade, and afterwards - because it shows how badly she wants freedom how consumed she is with the need to be free again (and how she is different because she actually is still free). it's almost like it's her first kiss, because it's her first free kiss...

what don't i like? i hate the fact that she's changing, but of course she has to. other than that, i can't think of much right now.

good work! keep going! (please)

1/24/2009 c21 simplicity0o1

I love how you keep the chapters short and sweet, yet totally satisfying. I just wish I read the story when it was done so that I don't have to wait for updates xD

It's very well written and I enjoyed it immensely.

Please update soon!
1/12/2009 c15 Miss Fairytale
I wanted to review for chapter 21, but I guess I already had. This story is so amazing! This is my second time going through and I want you to keep working on it. The plot is amazing and everything about it keeps the reader interested. Please please please keep going! I know it has been while but don't ever stop! Ah, I'll go crazy!
12/3/2008 c21 4Kimera77
Love the character development and the undestanding you have for the complexities of the situations. Update soon!
11/18/2008 c21 2i love life
i cant wait to read what happens next

pls update soon
10/17/2008 c21 1flawedxu
I love this! Are you going to add more?
9/21/2008 c1 8SnowySilver
I really like this story! I clicked on it expecting some cliched, slave-falls-for-kind-master fluff, but your writing has definitely intrigued me. Please keep going with the changes in Kylie's character, it's great to see something more realistic and less shallow. I look forward to the next chapter. Great work!
9/10/2008 c21 1ohhellothen
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