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for i don't do love stories

1/1/2007 c1 1thestonedfox
Oh this is so beautiful. The epilogue is wonderful. Fave'd. :)
12/31/2006 c1 52Aelux
You have a very interesting style, I like it. It's hard to tell if you're just creating a moment or that those are your thoughts/feelings of a certain time/place. More more. I found the last stanza to parallel nicely with certain attributes to how people are/become - if that was your intention or not.
12/20/2006 c1 17sporkofdoom
"We swore one day we’d leave this/silly little city and/forget the songs we used to love."

Wow. This is lovely. The ending, especially.
12/19/2006 c1 15LovetheMadness
i love your placing of words and how the epilogue is in ( )

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