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10/31/2014 c1 Sayuri Lapis
You really have the nerve to take it down. Geez.
3/20/2010 c1 PornNinja
This story's one of my favourites on FP, and of course it's sad that you had to take it down and that more people won't be able to enjoy your story, but I completely understand why you had to do it.

I'm just glad I finished the story long before you took it down, as selfish as that sounds. Because this was one of the quirkiest, craziest, most interesting story I've read on this site, with some of the most lovable main characters. So great job on that.

I do hope that one day, you'll once again decide to post up your stories someplace where readers like us can enjoy your writing prowess. :)
1/9/2010 c27 Wind Treader
I loved this story. I'm sad to see it gone. =/
6/28/2009 c1 We Used To Wait
Oh. . . You removed it. I feel like crying now.

I shouldn't have read the first chapter knowing the rest of the story was gone and only fragments were left behind. . . But you're other stories were me favs so I decided to read this first chapter anyway. BUT I CAN'T FINSIH THIS STORY.

And the first chapter was beautiful! You made me fall in love with that easter kid the moment you mentioned his bunny-ear band. His pink eyes will forever remain instilled in my memory. And i immediately took a liking to the MC. Like all your other MCs. I dunno, something about your characters just attract me. Especially the BUNNY-EARS!

All i can say now is. . . I this can be let out to the public again someday. If not. . . At least I have read your other stories :)

Such a sad ending for reading the beginning of a beautiful story.

6/8/2009 c27 ShineLikeAStar
I am so sorry this happened to you. Your stories were definitely some of the best I've read on fictionpress. I loved them, seriously. I hope you can get them published one day, if that's what you're planning on doing. I would definitely buy them.
6/4/2009 c8 grassong
sorry, but i dont really get this format;

its so jumpy,... and its really confusing.

was this intentional?
6/4/2009 c24 8bloopeebloop
Something's wrong with chapter 24. till chapter 27.

It's like the entire chapter's been cut off- left with just the beginning.
4/21/2009 c27 GoldenEyedFury
this was so funny! i love it. good job. 5/5. 100%
4/18/2009 c15 8Qryous
I don't mind not seeing Reval, he's too scary. Creepy, Psyco..yar. But I like Rhode a lot, because he's cuter and nicer and all around cooler. Don't like Mini a lot right now (just cause she flirts with Rhode...) Anyway, you are awesome for turning a plot that people would asume to be funny and fluffy and PGrated into something much scarier and...intense. I'm reading this during the easter holidays (;D) so it's so much fun to relate. My cupboards are stocked with easter eggs right now too~.
4/18/2009 c27 BluePillow
This was a seriously original and cute story, loved it ^^
4/17/2009 c27 4bfoundwanting

I was running out of things to read on fictionpress that were actually GOOD and so I thought I would check my list of Favorite stories and see if any of their authers had written anything new. You and hotkitty are two of my absolute favorite writers. She hasn't seem to written much in a while, but I saw that you had one story I hadn't read, this one.

So, I read it. I couldn't stop pressing the next button.

First, your idea is so unique and interesting. It captures the imagination all on its own. This idea of living holidays, beyond just Santa, but people that represent these days and even events and seasons like Ostara and Ostern. The twists and turns that you create are so much better than the usual twist. The idea that Rhode is really Lucas? UNFORSEABLE AND AMAZING. Genius.

Second, your characters are fantastic. I mean, who else could create a character like Reval who is both psychotic and murderous and yet somehow unthreatening to the audience as he is unthreatening, in a way, to Sophie. The way you were able to portray his evil and yet also his eccentricity and make him a funny, interesting somewhat "love to hate" character was great.

Then there is Sopie. Admittedly she isn't as exciting as Reval or Rhode, yet she is so much more interesting than most main characters. Her eccentricity, her randomness, her way of speaking and thinking in the most hilarious randomness and bluntness and I-dont-even-know-whatness is great in how it both compliments and balances the other characters and the story. And she has this strange combination of great complexicity and pure simplicity that comes out in the best way throughout the story.

And then of course there is Rhode, who is loveable and interesting, grows as a character and is a unique and interesting love interest for Sopie.

Basically, I loved it. I loved the conference of the holidays. I love your way of setting up the scene and description. Some how even though you don't use overwrought adjectives and spell everything out for people I was able to see perfectly in my minds eye, what was going on.

So amazing amazing.

I am sad to see you aren't posting any more because you are hoping to get published, but I do hope you get published as well!

My only question, what name would you be published under? I would gladly pay money to read another one of your stories and I would love to show my support for your writting for picking up something of yours that has been published.

Anyways, thank you for writing and let me know!
3/18/2009 c27 wtfwaswrongwithteenme
This story was so original and cute. Reval was definatly my favorite character till the whole let's leave a crumb trail of limbs thing. Also cupid was really funny and remided me of a lot of my guy friends.
3/18/2009 c27 14mezzles
Wow, you are my favourite author on FictionPress, and this story was just as great as your others =)

I loved the characters, plot, and most of all, the bunny ears! (aww)

Thanks for writing this, I really enjoyed it!
3/2/2009 c27 Kaichiturtle
Wow this was such a great story. Instead of studying for my college midterms I was glued to this story. Thanks a lot. Can't wait to read more of your stuff.
2/28/2009 c1 7Reversed Polarity
lol, the bunny man is very disturbed... but cute. good job!
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