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9/12/2007 c8 9Reda
Oops! I haven't reviewed this chapter? Wha? Really? Could've sworn I did...I mean, I read it and all...



I absolutely LOVE the part where 3 Caseys are in the room. Time travel is one of those 'nifty' things I like to see in stories, especially when you can see how much the said time traveling character has changed.


And yea.. lolz and Lysandrian paling with every other line. XD

7/13/2007 c8 13Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
Dude, you've finally updated! I was really wondering when you will update next lol! XD Anyway, I don't know if this meeting-the-king chapter is important, but obviously, the king got spooked in some way lol! :D Anyway, I really wonder what's going on with the whole three Caseys part, but I do remember that it happened in your previous version of the story. Wonder if you will change anything on that part in the future even though I've forgotten where this whole clones meeting scene led to. Anyway, nothing to complain on this chapter. And yeah, glad to see updated finally. I may not however be able to update for the next one week or so mainly because I'm being spooked by the possibility of having my lecturer and classmates giving me questions that I may ended up being tongue tied when I'll be presenting my project presentation next Tuesday. :( Hopefully I'm able to update after that...
7/13/2007 c8 1For What Its Worth
Paladin really HAS undergone a complete revamp! What happens next MUST have changed, because I do not recall a dinner with the King. You seem to have ironed out the wrinkles in the time discrepancy/irregularity...I look forward to learning what it means! lol
7/11/2007 c8 Mychael Lynne
...So Casey doesn't go to the boot-camp thing? Hmm. Okay. This'll be interesting then.

XD I love this chapter, with Lysandrian. He's great.
7/11/2007 c8 13KimHua
A good chapter. :-) As always, looking forward to reading more!
7/10/2007 c8 32Mayaj
This was always one of my favorite chapters! :D All the confusing Caseys! Hee, and Irian being his adorable self... I love the way she treats the king! This was awesome, want more now!

Sorry for taking so long to review, been busy with boyfriend and suprino. ^^;
7/10/2007 c8 A B Lewis

In other words: Yay! Another chapter!

Not much changed from the last one, but I'd forgotten about 3x9 spells. (Wow, I make them sound like plywood.)

Anyways, awesome as always! Can't wait until you finish the next one!
7/10/2007 c8 7Nature's Glory
Man, its so nifty to see accents and vocab an stuff change when you change personas. How Irian noticed and acknowledged as "Currents of Magic" and Casey (you) thinks it just plain weird. )

I wonder what the deal was with the other two Casey's (you's). Especially the eldest one. What was she talking about? Hm

So what secret errand for the king is Irian planning to run that requires Casey (you) to follow? Hm

Its amazing that Casey can mind-speak so easily. She doesn't get any sort of penalty at using magic so often? Hm

Hehe - "I told me to wear it"

"Ahgk! I had forgotten!"

"At least she has stopped doing undetectable probes." (This one made me burst out laughing)-^

Good stuff, every chapter, you always make me wonder where things are headed next! Raa!
7/10/2007 c8 29Jareth Valentine
Wow. She lives.

Not that I can talk.

Nice to see you're story's still going. This has always been one of my favorites.
7/9/2007 c6 7Nature's Glory

Allyria Mindbender, I like that name, its nifty 8D

I was a bit confused at how easily Casey "dispatched" the two thugs. Did she accidently knock them out? Huh?

What I DID like was Irian's/Allyria's confrontation. That flowed well and I liked the words and phrases you used. Whoo!

Casey's (yours!) and Irian's friendship is developing nicely; Couldn't be done smoother.

How is it Casey (you!) mysteriously comes to know various iotas of knowledge when she needs it? El Plot-o Thickens-o.

Update quick now!
7/9/2007 c5 Nature's Glory
Star and Nova...Does this mean they're gonna break stuff soon? :D

I don't think in those times they were against cousin dating...sheesh.

7/9/2007 c4 Nature's Glory
This is getting really cool! Whats the full extent of Casey's...err...your powers? How are they supposed to be used? How WILL they be used? All this power is making me excited )

The twin POVs in this story is definitely a cool way to read the story; its impossible to get bored because you can always find out what evryone is thinking. Its awesome!

So this was Casey's (err, your) first day in MagicLand / Avadur.

How is she gonna cope now that the initial shock is over, i wonder...

Im not for trusting Kyar. He seems dubious :/

Raa! Onward!
7/6/2007 c7 13KimHua
This is a wonderfully absorbing story. The constant switching of perspectives is kinda different, but it works. I'd perhaps suggest that you put a couple more lines of description into the "fight" on the road, particularly Casey's part.

Oh yeah, and in the first few lines of the first chapter, don't repeat "Life is a series of what-ifs."

Please update soon!
6/25/2007 c3 7Nature's Glory
Wow, this chapter really helped me out. I wanted to do a fight scene in my story a lot like this - changing POV's to see how the other char would react. I wasn't sure of how to go about it, but this helps a good bit. Thanks!

Irian, though I get the feeling he isn't well liked where hes from, is a pretty cool guy. I like how you put together your sentences, they sound so awesome!

Well, I'll have to check up on this later, gtg. Goodluck!
6/25/2007 c2 Nature's Glory
Nice hook! This tugged on my inner interest cords of doom and now I think I'm gonna be stuck reading this for a while...

It seems to me like you have a good grasp on the human mind...like you know what it feels like to be in a particular situation...been through a time warp before, have you? heh good start!
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