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12/27/2006 c3 relyn
Ooh, a rewrite! I love the beginning, by the way- "life is a series of what-ifs". It's intriguing. =D

And I still love the sarcasm. Nyahahahaa. I see changes, though. 'Tis interesting. -nodnod-

Update soon!
12/26/2006 c3 9SapphireIris
A rewrite, huh? I'll keep in touch about it... but only if you update!

12/25/2006 c3 1For What Its Worth
Very intriguing and well-written. I would love to join your club, as well. The sarcasm and witty comebacks definitely suit Casey. But when she goes back ,does anyone notice shes been gone?
12/25/2006 c3 6WordSarien
I'm sorry it took so long to review- - -it's been kind of insane around here, and I've been procrastinating. *blushes* (My fault for trying to do too many things at once. . . .)

Anyways, lol, Casey and Irian's first meeting still cracks me up. :P It's rather ironic- - -

Mark: Shh! Does the word "spoilers" mean anything to you?

Me: . . .As much as I can't believe you care and I can't believe I'm saying this, you're right. Anyways, I really LOVE the "Life is a series of what-ifs" thing you have the beginning. AWESOME! :D

I'm afraid I have to go now (:(), so PLEASE UPDATE SOON! (BTW, if any more reviews are delayed, it's probably because the author alert setting doesn't seem to be working right now.)

~Elicael, Fire Sarien~
12/24/2006 c3 Mychael Lynne
The changes you've made are cool. ^-^ I like this version.

Update soon!
12/24/2006 c3 4Nathan K
WOW...I was not expecting this, but it rocks! I love, firstoff, the format that you use, the back and forth from different perspectives is a great way, and I love how you've made that idea your own. Great story so far (read chapter 1) I really like where its going :-)

Good work grammatically and no spelling errors as far as I could see.

Keep Writing!

-Nathan K
12/23/2006 c1 32Mayaj
Ooh you're posting this again? hee, gives me an excuse to read it again!

btw, I didn't get an alert for this(read on yer Da Journal), which proves FP is being shitty once again. I posted the new AHK chapter a few days ago, and I think no one got alerted. Gonna go read now before I fall asleep in the computer chair!
12/23/2006 c1 1LittleRedRodeo
If I'm not mistaken, "paladin" is also a Native American word (I forget which tribe) meaning "figther." I think. But I'll just have to read on to see how you use it :)
12/23/2006 c3 140E.B. Keane-Farrell
coolness. haha..."Kyar" is one letter short of "Kyara"! =-o great minds think alike, and even greater minds think even more alike! (don't ask)
12/23/2006 c2 E.B. Keane-Farrell
sweet! Haha I'm reading this! yay!

I like it so far =) I'm gonna go off and read the next chapter.
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