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for What's Chinese for Theif?

8/8/2014 c1 13Khuber
I think you meant Peking, not Peaking, and Thief, not Theif. Perhaps it's on purpose but I don't see a reason as to why so I thought I'd point it out. Other than that this story is very interesting. Hope to see more!
1/21/2007 c1 32eldrin
This is cute and the two main characters are absolutely intriguing - I'd love to see more about them.
12/26/2006 c1 8failte200
How're they going to know where to meet at 7? :)

Glad you'll be carrying on with this. Although - I must admit, I'm not very interested in Mr. Budget and his fam...
12/25/2006 c1 9Queen Anabella
Peking (Beijing).

12/25/2006 c1 22Stalin's Inner Child
Bwah! That was wonderful for a one shot. I really liked it. I love romance like this, where it isn't just a lot of pretenses and angst but rather one guy totally surprising the other.

And the name Mr.Budget, hehe.

Usually I read fictionpress stories to remind myself what not to do, but I genuinely enjoyed this one. Thank you so much for posting it!

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