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1/2/2007 c1 858Anna178
Heya sexy, so look, I'm FINALLY reviewing. lolzo. Yep.

So then...give me a second to read it. lolzo.


'Whose light ignites the sky with stars

And sees the soul behind the scars' I really like how those lines sound. I'm not sure why, but they hit me a certain way. I guess I really like how you said 'ignite the sky with stars' that's awesome.

I love the end to this, more so than the beggining, but that's only because some of the words you used threw off my vision of it, but that's just being nitpicky...and realyl doesn't matter. Anyway, the ending, I like what I get out of that at least, whether it's what you meant or not. I especially like the line 'before our lives are skinned blank and bare' because not only does it sound nice (!) but...well, I'm not sure how to put it, but the blank/bare feeling suits this poem very well, and can be connected with a lot of different emotions, but in many ways I think love would be one of them...

So altogether, good job KZ. I have a lot to post too, though I'd almost prefer if you didn't pay any attention to it, since I'm not really sure what I'm doing. lol. I'm going through one of my more random rambling forms right now. lol. It's not really going anywhere...but that's okay.

1/2/2007 c1 11Awekid
Beautiful. The on-off rhyming scheme is superb. It highlights the wonders of this poem even more.

Thanks for the review.

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