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1/27/2007 c2 8WindMill3030
Uh, so this is going to be a story? thupa!
1/26/2007 c1 Mc
That would be really funny if I wasnt 1 of the people being annoyed.

Note to Self:

Hurt mel 4 annoying me

(c u 2morrow)
1/20/2007 c2 1Salt Water Taffy
Lol the first chapter was hilarious,this was a bit...paranormal, shall we say? Just for the sake of sounding not quite so dumb :p Do you go to a Catholic school or something? And did you really have to go to the counseler for that? Geez, this iswhy kids blow things up later in life. Too much supression...or what not.


The Man: Aww...

Wow, I just inspired myself to write a "The man" bashing story...

but I digress. Funny. :p
1/2/2007 c1 Janet Damita Jo
Just couldn't help reviewing again. This time, I'm anonymous. Anyways, I luv your story! I'll say it a million times if I have to! We should meet at an elevator sometime! Luv this thing! :)
1/1/2007 c2 4ziva-in-the-rain
“well I cut myself every night , the depression is unbearable , I think tonight might be the I end it all.- OH Wait! CSI is on tonight – NEVER MIND !MAYBE TOMORROW!”

Lol! I loved that part, it was so funny! You gonna make another?
1/1/2007 c2 29Saikai
Haha! Bast didn't review this part, now I have time to warn you. Bast put you on our "top-five" list so everyone who sees our profile, sees you. Just thought I would let you know, and this was very funny.

Serpent of Nephthys
1/1/2007 c1 Saikai
Sounds like my life. -shifty eyes- Not really... Funny anyways! -Bast
1/1/2007 c1 harkee
this is a really random and funny... i hope this isnt ur schedule though its crazy
12/28/2006 c1 8WindMill3030
Hehe, this thing made me laugh... I hope to meet you in an elevator one time :)
12/28/2006 c1 4ziva-in-the-rain
OMG! That was so funny. *favs* Honestly, why hasn't anyone reviewed? This was so funny. I luv it! It's so funny! Seriously! Great job! Sounds like a pretty normal day to me...lol. Great job! ANd plz DO write more, for the sake of humor fans. ='3

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