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for Reconciliation of a Dying Drunkard

1/2/2007 c1 858Anna178
Alright, this was a long one. It has too much in it for me to even go into, lol. That sounds kinda mean in a way but you know that I have trouble sounding any other way than the way I am.

For it's length and depth it has a lot in it, and I see you in it, as well as other people I know. Does that make sense? Well, we always come out at least a little in what we write no matter how much lies we feed in. That didn't make much sense either, eh? Oh well...I can't help but sound senseless, cause you know, I AM senseless. lolzo. I'm such an idiot all the time.

Anyway, instead of just bitching I'll end this here saying that I really do like this, and it's very good. I read it twice trying to find something simple I could say, but it all gets too complex in my head, and my reviews are long enough already. So, be satisfied with the fact that you portrayed a lot of depth and humanity here.

I love how I act like I know what I'm talking about. lol.

12/28/2006 c1 37TaltushMeiMei
That's both sad and beautiful. The way everything is written is very clear and sad. The beauty comes from the descriptions, the word choice, and the flow. Everything glides together very smoothly. This is very, very good. Amazing job.

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