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for I'm Getting Married? To My BOSS?

2/26/2014 c12 Guest
Well...I skin throughout this read... all in all I have to say it could be a true story... YOU..KNOW
12/13/2013 c36 Danariana
This was a really nice story. It was not very realistic, but I don't complain about that because for realistic things we have real life haha! And I read you want to edit the story! That's great, because one can clearly see how you've grown as a writer :). I'm still a bit confused as regards the length of the periods of time... Did Val and Zach fall in love in a week? two? a few months? I ask this because for example, when Val returns to her apartment after the truth comes out, you wrote that the apartment had been untouched for months... so well, I'm confused :P. Also, maybe I'm just imagining but is it possible that at the beginning of the story Val's ex was "Matt"? But then you changed it to "Mike"? Again, I'm not 100% sure about that. Sorry if it's not the case!
I totally understand though, I wrote a story over a long period of time, years actually. And there were some inconsistencies I had to fix (still have to actually!).

Keep it up! And greetings from Argentina!
11/15/2013 c35 Fatima
9/29/2013 c2 Saloni
Nice start!
9/5/2013 c6 Secrets
You srsly think that's a cliffhanger? Dude! It's so obvious that the other person Is that Zachary guy!
9/1/2013 c1 je ne veux pas travailler
While it was a bit melodramatic at times, it was also a very enjoyable read. I seriously read it all in one go. Is Valerie Indian?
8/28/2013 c35 mylittleprincess
amazing story!
8/13/2013 c33 4puppy22
seriously dude. you really need to finish this! it is amazing. I love it! please please please finish it.
5/23/2013 c16 Guest
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5/18/2013 c34 puppy22
love it. please please please please update!
5/15/2013 c34 1tolivelaughlove
Did you give up on this story?
4/9/2013 c34 Guest
Really good story please update soon!:)
11/18/2012 c34 9Binkybaby
Its him isnt it update soon
11/13/2012 c34 1leavesfallingup

It is good that her parents finally reconciled with her over the past and Hunter's death. Perhaps this needed to happen before anything meaningful could happen with Zach.
11/13/2012 c34 mylittleprincess
i love this story, great work, update soon.
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