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for What This Love Is

8/4/2010 c1 115Snick Mcnicket
this is a very nice poem! :)

because it is a very true one
1/2/2007 c1 858Anna178
I'm sure that you can understand, in light of current situations, that I'd have a very diffiult time telling you how I feel about this as a piece, unconnected to you. But that would be easier than saying what I think connected to you, and my own cowardice prevents it. (Cowardice. God, I sound so formal. lol. It's accidental I swear.)

Anyway, even if I haven't had a whole ton of experience when it comes to love or anything of the sort other than friends and family (for the most part) But I've had enough shallow experiences (whether you believe me or not) and from just living I've absorbed something. At least enough for this poem to mean something to me. I can definately grasp the concept if not the experience behind it.

Really...I can't say what I mean to so I think I'll be leaving you with another pathetic review. Sorry friend. lolzo. I don't really feel comfortable sharing these kind of opinions with you, just because I don't have the confidence.

But this is very real, and has a lot to it. Good job, not too sound too generic or anything. Oh, and it's gonig to my favorites!1!1!11 (the ones are on purpose by the way. Cool trend, eh?)


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