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for Harry Potter Is The Devil

1/7/2014 c1 Guest
11/19/2012 c1 Hermionie c
Lol. This made me laugh. Expecto patronum, muggle.
9/11/2012 c1 thegirlwhoknew
People might even begin to take you seriously if you spell their names right.
8/26/2012 c1 PinkMusicalCherry

Honestly, if you were seriously calling Harry Potter the devil I'd direct you to the nearest psychologist - which would actually probably be me? I guess I'd lead you in a very focused cognitive therapy and aid you in discovering the roots to your negative, accusatory closed-minded beliefs.

We'd make progress, and you'd emerge in all your soul's potential beauty.

As it is, I'll assume you're doing this for-the-lols, and so congratulate on your time spent writing for this site.
7/29/2011 c1 Tricorvus
Delightful. Very entertaining. Also, I was amazed about the Granger connection. Not many people know that. BUT - sadly, Lily's name is Lily - the flower. Her sister's name is Petunia and her mother's name, JK assures us, is Rose. That said, I haven't seen where JK bestowed Lily with a middle name. I could of course, be wrong.
8/9/2010 c1 timeflyby
LOL, this was funny.
8/6/2010 c1 That's enough buddy
Yes, I see all the coincidences you've come up with. But sometimes coincidences really ARE just coincidences. Now I'm no major Harry Potter fan - some things in it irritate me - but I am still going to defend it. You're reading far too much into it: most authors don't even consider the meaning of names when choosing names for their characters. So somebody has 6 hidden in their name? How is that even revelant to the idea that Harry Potter is the devil? Am I going to be converted to Satanism or whatever just by reading the name? NO.

And guess what? HARRY POTTER HAS FLAWS! Gasp! His connections with good old Voldy were used for drama and suspence!
12/20/2009 c1 Rae
You are either reading into the series WAY too much (no pun intended), or you are a genius. THIS WAS HILARIOUS.

Seriously. LOL.
9/19/2009 c1 2RYTwinDemon
Hyahahahahaha! This was an AWESOME essay! Very interesting view on Harry Potter, hahahaha. I can't believe some people actually took this piece seriously! Hahahaha!
8/15/2009 c1 16Howle
I read the reviews, and have to say only retards don't pick up on the sarcasm inherent. Hilarious Flames, like always. I have to ask why you took down some of your earlier work; I quite enjoyed it.

By the way, I want to bear your children.
6/29/2009 c1 angel's demise
harry potter is not evil, you bloody bastard! you suck! i hope you rot in hell along with your work on the series!
6/4/2009 c1 You Know Who
A little note, Harry asked Tom to redeemed himself. Isn't that in the Bible?
5/18/2009 c1 You Know Who
You can't get rid of ME! Have you even READ the books. They have magic, adventure, justice, romance, action... No really these books have all the great stuff in it. Kinda like the Chicken Soup Books!
5/9/2009 c1 You Know Who
Miss me?

You are wrong. Will you just stop flaming classics and start reading them? You will never know the magic, adventure, the battle. Till you read. So whose side are you on? Those that are narrow minded or the ones who are willing to embrace anything? Harry Potter saved the Wizarding World. He sacerficed his own self to save his friends. He loss so much and lived. Lived to save the future. So read wont you?
5/8/2009 c1 Sir Pebbles
Bahaha. I totally disagree with this, but whatever. Who knows, maybe J.K. Rowling actually /did/ write about the devil. x_O I guess we'll never know... XD
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