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for Harry Potter Is The Devil

1/28/2007 c1 46Zillah Lewis
Oh, MrFlames, I love you.
1/27/2007 c1 18EmmaBlack
Although funny and although I don't agree, you should know that you're confusing pagan w/ sanatists, I'd get the facts right before you go and right another essay
1/10/2007 c1 18Sir Scott
Harry Potter is kind of a whimpy looking devil. In the eighties He-Man was the devil, so as time moves on the devil keeps getting smaller and weaker.

1/10/2007 c1 1Meat-eater Puppysbane
I always sort of thought Muslims were the devil.
1/6/2007 c1 60WhinyPoetryFromGenerationY
You have to be the most original writer on this site. It's so funny when people take your essays seriously.


1/5/2007 c1 14biminator
Good to see that you're back. Well, fine, just reposting, but nevertheless, this is new to me. Good stuff. Isn't funny how people have no idea what you're doing? "Mercenary Childe," for instance. The first part was fair enough, but good god. The rest seems to take you seriously.

Unless, of course, their review was, in fact, a satirical response, in which case, bravo.
1/5/2007 c1 Mbwun
Dude, you got a big fuckin' review for this'n. Congrats.
1/4/2007 c1 10Nonlinear
Funny, I consider Harry to be representative of Mordred, a bastard child born of incest, yes, but in my opinion a child sent from God to destroy Arthur for his sins.

Merlin, the devil's spawn, tempted Arthur with a prophecy that a noble-born child born on May Day would destroy him. Arthur failed the Devil's test and murdered dozens of infants born throughout the entire month of May. Mordred was one of the one condemned, but he, who perhaps deserved to die the most, -miraculously- LIVED.

He grew up with the fisherman who found him, unaware of his heritage until he was brought to Arthur's court, and, ultimately, he fulfilled his destiny by bringing the King to justice for the evils he had committed, among them being seduced by magic. Mordred was unholy, yes, but only through accident of birth, and in the end, it was through his damning faults that he became a destroyer of evil and an instrument of Divine will.

God works in mysterious ways, no?


Also, I feel I need to share a little bit of reasonable reasoning.

Hi. I'm Christian. I prefer to read about pagan concepts and characters in FICTION because FICTION is MADE UP and the authors ADMIT IT.

Conversely, I have severe problems whenever I see Christian theology or Biblical characters being used in fiction; I find it irreverent.

And a final point: if you wish to sway people to your line of reasoning, instead of zealously preaching fire and brimstone to an increasingly indignant and impenitent audience, would it not be better to be subtle and shepherd your readers down a gradually steepening slope?

Gradually steepening, mind, as you wouldn’t want them to slip down it until its too late, now would you?

Uh-oh. …Looking back at that last part, I notice that I’ve likely said some things that go directly against what you believe. In a certain light, I could even be said to be criticizing the way you alienate readers or, quite possibly, be ticked off that your lack of control makes devout Christians look like they belong in madhouses.

But believe me, I wrote this with good intentions, and I only pray it leads you to be more tolerant of paganism in fiction or, barring that, ask that you continue to go down the good-intentioned road you are so clearly on.
1/4/2007 c1 8KeytoExistence
Sadly, this is not very outlandish as far as Harry Potter theories go.
1/3/2007 c1 4spearsister
Wow! That is too Funny but after reading I have to wonder if maybe you have a little too much time on your hands.
1/3/2007 c1 carlyface
I love you.
1/3/2007 c1 306Ashelin
This was quiet amusing. I hope you aren't being serious. Harry Potter the Devil? How extreme. You did think this through though, and I applaud you. I find this hilariuos.
1/3/2007 c1 Daniel Clarke
This was one of the better essays I've read.

Flesh out some of your arguments a little and it will be excellent.
1/3/2007 c1 Anonymous
Thank you for a great laugh! XD

(If you were trying to be serious, good luck with that, but it's still a good essay.
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