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for Yellow Rose Petals

2/28/2007 c1 Champagne2
I loved this. I'm not lying when I say a little tear ran down my cheek. It's was so very beautiful.
1/4/2007 c1 37TaltushMeiMei
It's so beautiful... It's so vivid and clear and lovely... I should throw the word sad in too, because it is. Amazing job. It's really beautiful.
1/3/2007 c1 Nolan
beuatiful. made me think. good.
1/3/2007 c1 70Maisha Mafuriko
For you a few paragraphs...and for me..memories.

Just happened upon this story. It was the title, "Yellow Rose Petals." When my daddy passed away a lovely bouquet of yellow roses was sent by my mother's brother... I can so identify with the line, "She went to each table, picked up the petals. She held them. They held her. Either way, something was being held, and something was holding. Both were at peace." ...and so from that day, Yellow Rose Petals, has always held a special meaning for me.

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