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1/5/2012 c1 Ink Kisses
This is beautiful. I love the parentheses and the f.i.n.e line. I can relate to this very well.
5/5/2008 c1 half-sketched.staccatos
konnichi wa

Ah, now this is my favorite style of poetry. This is... beautiful. Stunning. Lovely. Just... perfect(ess). *wink* I can't even offer a favorite line because I liked the whole poem equally much. Which, of course, isn't very helpful when you want a good review; but it's honestly the best I can tell you.

One thing you forgot, though, is a parenthesis at the end of the poem. You needed two, but you only put one.

Speaking of that last line, I loved it, LoL! "I.am.perfect(ly fake)" So awesome. Okay, that word is too over-used; so how about... fantastic. Yeah. It was fantastic.

Ha det

7/15/2007 c1 15XsilentXescapeX
lovely. simpley lovely.
4/16/2007 c1 12stuffoholic
Dude, P.B.;], you're always on my mind

and I know how it feels to be just F.I.N.E.

3/16/2007 c1 10BrokenHeartedAngel
ok il really liek this

F.I.N.E. is my fave part tho
1/20/2007 c1 4ziva-in-the-rain
Oh, I luved it. And I can relate to it sometimes. Such an angsty poem. I really luved. Good job and thanks for reviewing my story. :)
1/12/2007 c1 Alyssa's Attic
Oh this so fits with how i feel at the moment. Great imagery and description of emotions - Alyssa
1/5/2007 c1 49Fading Memories
Hey! I was FINALLY able to register here, so I can finally start publishing my poems in two days! Plus, I really wanted to come and review your poetry as well. I've also commented on it on the last e-mail, but what the hell! It's amazing, really, and the definition of 'fine' that you wrote, that's actually what got me inspired to write my last poem! You'll see! Anyway, I hope you know who I am by now! lol! Of course you do! I've already added you to my author alert list, ok? Take care! ;)
1/4/2007 c1 31Leaving Here
omg! you DO watch One tree hill! its the BEST show!

and im bi too! sorry... that probably sounded really weird!

um.. ya. ive made a fool of myself... im just really hyper which usaully doesnt happy as my friends call me emo but im really not! okay.. a little! its not my fault i like the color black! haha

okay. bibi. and your poem was fabulous.

1/4/2007 c1 132Pretty Peaceful
This is just fantastic. But you know what? You actually are beautiful! I don't even know you, I've never seen your face, but don't you understand? Those "perfectesses" are PLASTIC! They're not real, like you.

So don't hide yourself away... If I could, I would want to get to know you, and be your friend, because you show yourself through your poetry.

Keep writing, stay true to yourself, and don't forget

...somebody thinks you're beautiful...

Thankyou for your kind review, by the way.
1/4/2007 c1 15holdprose
Oh, I enjoy this mixture of emotions. I especially like the description of a graveyard "the host of all broken dreams" and, of course, what f.i.n.e. stands for. creative, indeed. =] (I also must sincerely thank you for ALL of your amazing reviews.)
1/3/2007 c1 23Forever Forbidden
Chilling and true. Liked it.


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