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for Her Wish

6/12/2012 c42 Xilliria
I'm not really a fan of romance, but this story tugged at my heartstrings so much to the point that I couldn't stop reading.

I love how you portray your characters in a way that some people could relate to them. Danny's one confusing character though, but I guess that's so because only Eun Hye has that innate ability to understand him xD

Can't wait to read your other stories.
6/2/2012 c1 2Eripaul
Oh my God, girl... you're a natural!:)
5/13/2012 c6 RandomReader
Ok here is just what you need to keep in mind go all English or go all some other language but there probably are going to be more people who don't like mixed languages than those very few people who do. I myself write on fanfiction and read fanfiction and Read on this cite too. I know that other members agree with me because actually I saw a video about pet peeves from authors and this was one of them. Please keep in mind that your writing for everyone not yourself and some secluded group.
5/13/2012 c5 RandomReader
Honestly I know that this may be how you do your stories but please people like me (which means just people looking for a good read and haven't read any of your stories) don't give a shit about Korean and honestly would like if you would stick to English but besides that it's a good story
11/4/2011 c42 PauleenAnne
I've read your story for about...10 times already? :) I never get tired of this haha!

Though I can relate actually!

12/1/2010 c42 PauleenAnne

what a nice story

EunHye really is so miserable

I mean just the way she is treated and stuff but I guess

it was worth it

she got her wish!
8/4/2010 c2 1MiLiNA
Omg i love this story. I read it in soompi if im not mistaken :)
3/9/2009 c41 CrimsonsNight
awe thats really sad, i can't believe she got hit by a car, twice? right? she lost him now he's losing her how ironic, i guess fate has a way of doing things like that even though you are the author and all but yeah, thanks for updating. ^-^
3/8/2009 c41 theslykit
haha i should have expected that to happen but you still threw me in for a loop..lol..at least let them have a happy ending yea? :D
3/8/2009 c41 Unsociably Acceptable
wow, that was...totally unsightly...

aw what's everyone to do? wah! the tension!
2/15/2009 c40 CrimsonsNight
this chapter was awesome, i'm glad you got them back together all thou some part of me was hoping she would end up with Song Baekkyung but just a little part of me, but i'm really glad you up date. thanks
2/3/2009 c39 indijana
Oh my god, i don't even know where to start, Let's begin with Danny shall we, what is wrong with that boy?

I mean i get the fact that he was looking after MiYeon for his brother's sake, really but what's the deal with him walking away in this chapter? he could've talked it out with her right here and now! He makes me so frustrated about the whole situation. But then again, i suppose there wouldn't be a purpose to the story if they talked it out immediatly, would there?

EunHye makes me angry as well, but that's mostly because i always say what's on my mind, and if someone isn't treating me right, they'd know it immediatly. Everytime i want her to say something or to just scream to them how big of a hypicrites they all are! it makes me so mad i sometimes scream at the screen.. yea.. but who cares, my family already knows i'm crazy anyways ^^' lol

okey and what's with MiYeon? i thought she was so in love with Danny, and all of a sudden she's macking with his brother? i mean, isn't love supposed to be stronger? she seems so superficial..

anyways.. I hope you're not offended or anything, because i truly love this story... it's just that the character make me mad sometimes ^^'

So keep it up, i love it!

oh yea.. you said that it is better sometimes to read a story all in one go.. and you're absolutely right. Especially since i'm so forgetfull, i read so many books and fan fics, that it's hard to remember that i was reading a specific story, let alone what chapter, and what it was about!

So i usually read the stories in one go.. i usually don't even check out some stories if they only have less than approximitaly 15 chapters.. except some authors that are just great ^^

okey anyways.. i have to go.. since it's awfully late, i hope you'll update soon enough, i really want to know what Eunhye is going to say to Danny! :P

hopefully there will be some insight on Danny's brother and MiYeon as well, what caused her to change her mind?

btw.. i really love the names, how did you come up with them?

okey byes.. xoxo indijana
2/1/2009 c39 Unsociably Acceptable
haha, poor BaekKyung. poor poor boy. must be so hard for him
1/31/2009 c38 indijana
OMG! I just read 37/38 chapters in one go! Seriousy, i love this story! I just looked over your profile and realised you haven't updated in a while, so.. i though i'de leave you a message, please update! omg i am seriously hooked ^^'

xoxo indijana
12/28/2008 c38 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
this was honestly a disappointing ending.

Danny's reasoning first of all kind of sucks. There is not enough force behind it to hurt someone else the way he did.

Also, he started to go out with Miyeon after his brother came back. Does that make sense? His brother is back so he can take care of Miyeon instead of Danny.

Also, you left way too many blanks throughout the story.

And once again, the self-pity is borderline disgusting.

I was really excited about reading this because to be honest I am extremely Korean crazed, but I have to say that this was a bit disappointing.

You can make it better by taking out most of the repeated fluff, and allowing consistency in your story. Also, you should give a better reason for Danny hurting Eunhye like it was a forced marriage/engagement or something.

Also, when Danny's hyung came back, you left a complete blank for the readers by not furthering on his reentrance to the scene.

It didn't make much sense.

Good luck.
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