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3/27/2013 c4 Myrtho
hey are you there tell me are you going to finish this story because i'm so desperate about what will happen next please update
3/21/2013 c4 Myrtho
hi i love your story please update i want to know if Terrence will fight with Jason? please update there are a plenty of question i want to ask it's a great story please update it's being a long time
11/12/2009 c3 5BlueAki
yes! finally she told him!
11/12/2009 c2 BlueAki
man, she;s such a bad person. she should of just broke up with him right then and there. hearing that he cheated on her would of been a good excuse to end all the lying and just break up with him.
11/12/2009 c1 BlueAki
wow, she can't have it both ways. no matter what, cheating is cheating and thats a terrible thing to do.
5/26/2008 c4 11Lucid Lune in Acoustic
I'm a little confused about the chapter title of this story. Terrence didn't explain anything lol. He just yelled...a lot. Why is Anita so guilty anyway? I thought telling someone the truth freed you.
5/26/2008 c3 Lucid Lune in Acoustic
Well at least she's not lying to the poor guy anymore.
5/26/2008 c2 Lucid Lune in Acoustic
So if she doesn't love Terrence, why does she continue to lie and say she does? I've always hated that about girls lol. I'll never understand why we pretend to love people just to spare them. But, at least, this is believable.
5/26/2008 c1 Lucid Lune in Acoustic
I really liked that, though it was a bit rushed and some of the words didn't mesh, I guess, but I liked it. By the way, I have a story called Give Me Your Right Hand and I'd like you to check it out.
9/17/2007 c4 outsidersgirl
this is good
9/5/2007 c4 HuniBunchoSoul
aww...poor Terrence. I think I like this chapter most of all, because it was so insightful and in depth with a character previously thought of as shallow. Though we now know what we do about him, I wonder if he really was cheating on Anita with some girl in fifth period. Probably not, I don't know.

I think Jason and Jeanella (sp?) are interesting, but a little 2-D...What do they look like, what are some of their personality traits, you know? Anita, although just a little cliche, is relatable. I like her, because she's flawed and human. I mean, we all are. But anyway, nice story; it'd be just a little bit better if it were expanded...but like I said, the fourth chapter was really good. My fave.

All right, I guess I'm done witht the blabbering. Have a nice day :D

5/24/2007 c4 FHJL88
This is really good.

Update soon!
4/18/2007 c4 CHIIJOY
I love this story and want to see what happens with her and Jason. Update soon.=)
4/17/2007 c4 Lady Shaiye
Ohh, that bitch! I feel so sorry for Terrence, but hey, he's the stupid one to not see through her oreo-ness. Anyway, this is a good story and all but it lacks details and descriptions. I'm sure I would have felt more for Anita, if you described the scenery better. For instance, the rain scene. You could have added more to it, how the rain felt to her skin, or how dark it was, or even describe the whole lighning/thunder thing. Everything actually could have gotten more details, the thing about your story is.

You carry it out with dialogue and the reader get whats going on from what they are saying. Not the best way to write any fanfiction/fictional piece. Where you explained how Terrence felt, you could have allowed him to do some sort of action that showed it. Like hitting the window with his fist or the steering wheel. Something that would express anger. Show, don't tell.
4/15/2007 c4 mrskelley
Bout time the truth came out. Great Update!
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