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for Tilling the Soil

12/17/2007 c1 Galadh Niniel
Skilful piece. The mention of "oil" is unexpected and gives this something unique, perhaps even menacing, since it makes me think of pollution.
1/13/2007 c1 216ygg
The uniquely, densely, darkly earthen feeling radiating from this piece is one of a quality which I've never encountered so directly before in a poem.. it really speaks to the mind as one tills one's own soil deep within the soul, every moment of one's life, whether conscious of it or not. I think the earthen tensions between the lines fit greatly with the struggle of man to lift himself out of the dark pit of instincts in order to yield its own earth, its own soul in such a way that an opportunity is given for tender flowers to grow so they can be amazed by the beauty above as they seek the eyes of the skies and the heavens. I don't know if it was your intention to imply something like this in your poem, but it gave me such impressions. An instant favorite!
1/8/2007 c1 10asdf will
Such minimal amount of words hold a large and deep amount of meaning. I honestly have no complaints about this piece. All in all nice work, keep writing.
1/5/2007 c1 15greenGalilee
Oh, pretty cool haiku. I've never seen one on this subject befire, so you get extra points for creativity. The imagery in this is great, too. I could very much smell the soil and hear the blades turning it over.
1/4/2007 c1 879Moondog Dozier
Interestingly visual and true. I like how this relates to several senses at once. Good haiku.
1/4/2007 c1 An-Author-At-Heart
Pretty good for a haiku, it captures the farm life well.
1/4/2007 c1 136Elliptical Shapes
Interesting haiku. Though I loathe the use of words like 'turns' and 'blades', how can you be sure if they are one syllable or two? I can't tell.

Any way, despite my confusion, its a cool and unique piece.

Well done.


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