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for Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love

7/3/2008 c3 xclarissamariex
Thats so cute! and I resent the whole "still really weird to be chewing in the middle of drinking something." Its friggen awesome ! :o) Have you tried the boba with smoothie/slushie and was it from lollicup? Just asking. I love your story though. Its cute and very "Aw" worthy. :)
7/3/2008 c29 books4me
Aw, I expect the next chapter (soon?) will be particularly good. :D
7/2/2008 c30 2Inkless
= ] so incredibly happy, so incredibly happy! thank you!
7/2/2008 c30 2Miraculous.Science

alright. since you suggested it: is Sevin based on a real person? Because, if so, i want to meet him. :)
7/2/2008 c30 Andy L. Kennedy
Awesome... looking forward to the next chapter!
7/2/2008 c30 Jay827
YAY! they finally got together. took long enough. too many circles and avoiding the problem. oh well

update when possible.
7/2/2008 c30 24Inanna Skili
AMAZING! Yay, now I can be all fan-girlie and squeal and stuff. I loved this chapter, especially their final confrontation. The part where Carla is trying to start a fight with her, and she just says thank you and leaves is brilliant as well.

Also, nice touch with the "Shakespeare hates your emo poems" shirt. I nearly bought that, actually. Go threadless.
7/2/2008 c1 1Lehxra
For a first love story..thingy, nice!
7/2/2008 c30 Espionage In My Shoe
YAY! Hallelujah! Huzzah! And a multiplicity of other interjections expressing immense joy! =D It finally happened! And when I say "finally", I mean that in the nicest, least-impatient, and not-upset way possible. Because I'm actually really glad that it took this long. And I am very, very, very MORE than satisfied (that was horrible grammar) with the way that it went. "It" being the whole Daphne-confessing-to-Sevin thing. The confrontation and whatnot held very true to the characters and I am just... so incredibly content now. =) You rock. This story rocks.

I especially liked when Daphne has her realization/whatever-you-call-it moment about how SHE has to go and find Prince Charming. =) That was a really nice touch. And by "nice" I mean flippin' awesome! xD

Well, I think I've rambled and been unproductive enough for one review. ;p Until next time! There's no chance I'll miss the finale. ;) You can't get rid of me that easily!

7/2/2008 c30 5aishling-stone
Bwehehe! x3 Epic. That was awesome! The bit where Sevin exploded at her was probably my favourite part in this chapter. Much love!
7/2/2008 c30 9xemeraldeyesx
wow that confrontation was awesome.

yaay question time:

how do you write, and edit? is it like all in one go or in bits over a long period of time. i suck at both.

and why IS the story so frikkin long? not that i dont love it for that fact.

i'll try and think of more questions soon, but im sure you'll have loads to answer!
7/2/2008 c30 10SpicyPepper91
finally! you have no idea how long i've been waiting for this to happen! i'm head over heels in love with sevin now :D

simply amazing story.. can't wait for the last update!

PS: IS sevin based on a real person?
7/2/2008 c30 Elfear
That was so so so swet! A bit cliche about the i love you, but it was really great nnonetheless. Congrats on being nearly finished! Am waiting eagerly for the very last chapter...
7/2/2008 c30 5I Murder on Impulse
I don't think I've told you how much I love this story have I?


heh heh

7/2/2008 c30 shadowbaby4ever
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