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for Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love

2/19/2012 c2 1DofD
I love Sev.
2/19/2012 c1 DofD
I love it already.
1/8/2012 c21 MaChInE4231
I feel this chapter was a success. well done.
1/8/2012 c15 MaChInE4231
You're an annoying know it all.
1/7/2012 c9 MaChInE4231
Your main character is a snob and its getting hard to relate to her and her ignorance.
12/21/2011 c2 ALittleLunatic
LOVE! Alas, my laptop is about to die, until tomorrow, or tonight mi amor, adios!
12/15/2011 c31 AdiGal
That was pretty amazing and fun to read.

I love how your characters are not perfect. I love your sense of humour and I LOVE Sevin's taste in music.


12/14/2011 c7 Hammsters of Fanfiction-shire
Dispatch! Love that band! Sevin rocks. Yea, just had to review for the sole purpose of getting out my Dispatch excitement. That, and I love all the Disney references. My older sister is like, obsessed with every Disney movie ever made even though she's twenty and every time she's home from college we have Disney movie nights where we stay up all night and watch every Disney movie we own. I know, like, all the words to all the songs (I was so psyched when you mentioned Hakuna Matata) and I completely get every reference. Plus, I know she feels like a nerd for knowing all that stuff, but she really needs to understand the concept of NAP (Nerdy And Proud), because Disney is the best thing out there! Now, I think that's about all I have to say in this long rambling review, so Lates!
9/28/2011 c31 Ithilrin
I absolutely love your story. I read it a while ago and finished it a secend time only minutes ago. I hope you don't mind that I set a link on my BLog to your story. If so, just tell me and I will put it down.


much love

9/3/2011 c1 2CityBlackOut
please tell me i'm not the first person to tell you that 'boba' is otherwise known as bubble tea? Boba makes it sound silly, not meaning to be offensive. Do you mean easy way or chatime type drinks?
9/3/2011 c31 HopelessFeathers
First of all, I just want to say that i agree with your title "Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love", it worked so well with what you did and hey, I'm glad i'm not the only one thinking about that and now i have to hunt down that facebook group.

Anyways, awesome story and Sevin and Daphne, love them.

What else is there to say? Keep writing on the cliches of life
8/17/2011 c31 Willow
Okay, I finished it. And this story is TOO LONG! I have to go to bed! I have class tomorrow! And I have studying to do! Have a little consideration for your readers!

Daphne got a lot better with the Disney references in the second half. She's not a total Disnerd, but she is into it.

I really like Sevin. He's such a cute, nice boy, the kind that every girl would like to get together with. He reminds me a lot of Michael Moscovitz (esp. with the whole tutoring Daphne for math), but that may be just because you mentioned Meg Cabot in the first chapter. So maybe I was in the mindset to think, "Let's see how much this author is inspired by Ms. Cabot."

Final notes: The other thing I couldn't remember in the last review was how great it was that Daphne pointed out that Anastasia wasn't Disney, it was Fox. That being said, she should also know that "The Swan Princess" isn't Disney, either (I think it's Dreamworks?). And in the summary you say "a singing lobster." If you're speaking of Sebastian, I'm like 100% positive that he's a crab.

Dude, I think this is the most nit-picky I've ever gotten about somebody's story. It means I want to help; I hope you don't mind! All right, good show overall-sweet and cute. And now I am going to do what I should have been doing over the past 5-7 hours. (Yes, I have spent that long with you and your story.) Good night!
8/16/2011 c14 Willow
Hi! So I've been reading this planning to review at the very end, but my mental comments are piling up waayyyy too much, so here's a review now.

To Daphne: You need to drop Ryan immediately! He's jealous everytime you talk to a guy, which is not only jerk behavior-it's also a sign of an abuser! Break up with him already!

To you: This is cute. Sevin's great (love his name, btw), and he's a good Prince Charming for Daphne-sensitive, reliable, and considerate. You've done a wonderful job showing that he understands Daphne (knowing she wouldn't finish the chocolate croissant, for instance) and always has her back (punching Josh, jump-starting her car, even letting her cheat off his homework). You haven't even blatantly pointed these things out; they're just there in nice little details. This dynamic (the guy knowing the girl so well and always being there for her) seems to be dratted difficult to convey subtlely, and I think you've accomplished that nicely.

Daphne is a believable teenager girl-too insecure and self-absorbed to see that the right guy is right in front of her face. However, she is not a real Disnerd. I know Disnerds (I even live with one), and they breathe, eat, drink, and sleep Disney. That's pretty much all they talk about. Everything relates back to Disney. I can tell you all about the history or the attractions at Disneyland, the early ideas for Disney characters, the track record of Disney animators, and the Disney movies that are coming out in the next two years-all because my dear roommate will not shut up about Disney. You are just not milking this for Daphne. That I've noticed, she's only referenced about three movies, and two of those several times (Mulan and Hercules). This makes it feel like you're bluffing Disney knowledge. If she were a true Disnerd, she'd be dredging up Aurora, Snow White, Lady, Vixie, etc. You had a really great moment when she thinks Sevin is looking at her like Shang. There was something else, too. I forget what it was. Those instances showed how Daphne could have been-and if she was like that all the time, she'd be more real to me.

Also, this story is sooo long! I have homework to do! I feel like you could have cut some stuff out so the boy and girl could get together and I could go on to being a good student. And I do not agree with the underage drinking (and parent approval of such) AT ALL. But other than all the above, I'm enjoying your story. These comments are just to try to help you out.
7/4/2011 c31 Purplebull
I loved this story! from start to finish it was GREAT. You had wonderful characters and the whole disney idea behind the story played out well & didnt make me sick from cliche-ness, it was actually really interesting & funny with all the connection you made!

Your writing is so well done I wish I could write half as good as you!

I loved Daphne and not once did I get bored of reading about her & from her POV as well about the other characters, you really developed them really well and portrayed the teenage world realistically.

This is definitely one of my favorite stories on fictionpress & on the online reading/writing world.

You're an AWESOME writer seriously I wish you would continue with your other stories & start new ones, I would read all of them!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful stories with us, it was the best:D
4/9/2011 c3 Vanilanna
Ah! bubble tea hahahha. They are awesome,those black tapioca things are called pearls where im from.:)
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