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for Best Friends means you Pull the Trigger

3/3/2007 c6 11My Chemical Music Box
Hello, I just picked a random chappie again.

Where's Chapter Nine. You said on your LJ thingy that you update chapter nine and then it would be on hiatus until March something or other.

Please update. I'm dying here. This story is on my favourites list.
3/2/2007 c7 My Chemical Music Box
Hello, um.

Iget that Albert is Mrs Harrison's son but... is he the one who sends the parenting payment thingy in the mail and if so, is he Gerald's father?

I really don't get it. Please help me out. And keep updating.
2/28/2007 c1 My Chemical Music Box
Damn it. I needed to review so I just picked a random chappie. Oh look, it's chapter one! God, I'm nuts.

Anyway, can I just say that this story makes me want to cry. I feel for the characters (especially Gerald) so deeply and this story makes me feel miserable (but in a good way!) and makes me think about life. Christ you're a good writer.

Please update really soon because I always check to see if it has been updated but it never is and that makes me so sad. Please...
2/22/2007 c8 My Chemical Music Box
Wow. I absolutely love this story and for some reason, whenever I imagine Gerald I see Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance.

And I damn well wish that MIcheal would believe Gerald about Frank hurting him because it's getting on my nerves and I don't like seeing Ray get blamed.

Anyway - keep updating!
2/22/2007 c8 2tricksy
Doesn't Michael know bad things always happen when you're drunk? No! Aw.

This chapter was incredibly sad, at least it was to me. Granted, I was ecstatic to find out that maybe Gerald's love for Michael wasn't unrequited, but then Michael had to go and say that last line. ;_; I just want them to be together! Why do you torture me so?

Oh well, keep it up, because I love it and it keeps me reading. (:

So I've decided Ray is a nice guy. I'm not sure if he's the one for Gerald though. I mean... hmm... I guess I'll just have to wait and see what's in that genius mind of yours.

I liked this chapter a lot. You really brought out Jay's personality I think, and further explained some of Michael's viewpoint. I loved it, obviously!
2/22/2007 c8 princess max
OH MY GOD. I knew it would take something big for Michael to be pushed into making his move, but I didn't expect THAT. I wonder how May and Ray (lol, did you intentionally make them rhyme?) will react?
2/22/2007 c8 22RavenclawMoose
This story never ceases to amaze me with how well it's written. There may be some gramatical errors, but the emotions that you put into each chapter, and the way they flow and how everything just falls together so well makes any technical errors seem meaningless. Hehe, I was just about to go to sleep when I noticed that this story had been updated, and I had to stay up to read the latest chapter, because I knew it would be amazing and I was not dissapointed.

I do hope Micheal stops being stupid though. Me being the impatient person that I am, I just want them to run into each others arms already. But, I'll be patient for your story. The pace it's going at only makes the overall effect that much better. The suspense kills me, but in a good way. =)

2/22/2007 c8 10CaFFy
It's cute imagining Gerald hide behind Ray.
2/22/2007 c8 A Slip of Words
omg this story is so good...i can't wait for the next chapter. ahh i wish michael would stop being such a jerk and believe gerald that it was frank. update soon please. great story.
2/19/2007 c7 22RavenclawMoose
This chapter was not boring at all. I liked getting a bit of a backstory on Gerald. It's interesting to see a bit of his mother's history, and your writing style would make it interesting even it hadn't already been.

2/19/2007 c7 princess max
I like the back story. It makes me feel more sympathetic to Nina than I had been. I really hpe she pulls herself together.
2/18/2007 c7 10CaFFy
I got you to send this one to me right? lol
2/18/2007 c7 2tricksy
Mrs. Harrison is a good character. I like the way she talks.

You have a good writing style. It isn't overly descriptive, which leaves a lot to the imagination, but then you add little things here and there to piece the puzzle together, whether it be what somebody looks like or their past. That's good, I like it a lot. It makes everything more subtle and intriguing.

You're characters are all awesome, even the bad ones like Frank. You have a nice blend of static and dynamic characters.

Update really soon!
2/18/2007 c6 tricksy
No! He still needs Michael! No, no, no! Bah! That's bad!
2/18/2007 c5 tricksy
Poor, poor Gerald. ): I've grown attached to him and reading about him being beaten up by Frank was terrible. Though, it wasn't as bad as it could've been, because Gerald still seemed to retain some dignity throughout the fight.

But then of course Michael had to ruin that.

Ah, well, I still like Sean. I think he's my favorite character.
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