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for Best Friends means you Pull the Trigger

5/7/2012 c3 Discombobulating.Midget
Uh wah i really like this story xD keep up the good work! ^^
5/7/2012 c2 Discombobulating.Midget
12/23/2011 c8 3Conspicuous Maliciousness
I have.../no/ idea why, but I legitimately cried during this chapter.

It's just. Dx Michael is so mean~.

/wanders off to finish reading

11/24/2010 c4 bs49184
god the guy is so oblivious
6/11/2010 c3 3MyLifeSoundtrack
I wasn't going to read this yet because I love FPOV and I haven't been in the mood to read anything other than that for years but when I skimmed over the first chapter I just had to and I love this. I love everything about this story from the characters to the scenery to how well it's written. I'm going to keep reading now but I had to review here because this was the chapter you completely hooked me.
5/9/2010 c23 5Avelske
Having just spent far too much of my revision time reading your story I wanted to let you know how much I love it and can't wait for the next chapter. All the characters seem so real and the story drags you along so that even the nastier people fit in well.

There are a few spelling mistakes, but all is forgiven when the plot is so realistic in its twists and turns. The emotions they all have link so well and you really get to feel the strain in relationships between the characters when they make choices that another doesn't agre with.

I wish I could decide who Gerald should end up with, but as Michael, Ray and Sean are all so intertwined in his life I can't really tell. I really look forward to finding out.
4/15/2010 c23 adioseveryone
wow i love this story i hate Michael. Gerald deserves much better. i just wish Sean would tell him how he feels once and for all.they are meant to be together.
2/20/2010 c23 2vampy08
update soon

love your story!
11/21/2009 c22 Zhandra01
Hi *waves*

I just found your story and I’m have to say I'm just loving it. I hope you will write more soon, because I’m very interested how it will go on.

Good luck & happy muses

8/29/2009 c3 VioletPetals89
OMG! I totally love it! Serious, I don't what it is about this story, I really cant stop thinking about it. And I totally love sean, and Ray seems really interesting too.

So kudos to you, because out of all the really good stories im reading on here, yours really sticks in my head. :D
8/23/2009 c22 ICriedTheVerse
I hardly ever review stories on here, but I felt kind of obligated with this story [because it's that damn good].

Michael's an ass. I hope Gerald and Sean get together, they would make an extremely adorable couple. I cannot wait to read more!
7/7/2009 c22 28Blackened Blood
I really like your story! I use to really really like Micheal... know i just think he's too possessive. I think Gee and Sean should end up together! :D And Gerald should definatly go to the art college in New York. Please update soon!
7/7/2009 c22 4Amindaya
Oh, I'm happy to see this again. :) And I love how you got Michael's big bro psychology right on. I don't know how it is for older/younger siblings, but I know for sure that being a twin, and always ALWAYS having to share everything...it makes a person a little possessive. You're always trying to get something before someone can take it away from you, even if you don't really want it all that much.
6/13/2009 c21 wonderland212
I really like this story...but i dont have any questions for any of the characters, your a good writer so it was easy to interpret the story. Truthfully i really want u to post a real chapter... i think everyone would rather u post a real chapter than post a filler chapter about the 'charqacters'.

I just really hope you finish this story rather than abandon it like other writers do. :(
6/13/2009 c19 wonderland212
Wow...that was a tear jerker.lol

Amazing story
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