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for Best Friends means you Pull the Trigger

6/13/2009 c12 wonderland212
im kinda hopimg for a sean and gerald couple.lol
6/13/2009 c7 wonderland212
Wow, great story
6/13/2009 c3 wonderland212
love shawn!
6/13/2009 c1 wonderland212
Amazing chapter...ive always loved the angsty stories better then the really fluffy ones
5/26/2009 c20 4frolic-horror
ah... this story keeps me guessing. Michael is pretty stupid, but I somehow understand him. Being what Gerald needs means he has to give up a big part of his world. He grew as a straight popular jock and he is one, in many ways, and it is difficult to change everything especially when he feels that there is no urgent need for him to reveal his love to the public. That doesn't mean that I don't agree with Sean that his brother is a bastard :P I empathize with Michael because I recently had to tell my parents I'm dating someone I knew they wouldn't really approve. The situation was slightly complicated, but not really a scandal (lol... I'm straight and the boy in question is my age - 22 by the way - so absolutely nothing scandalous about us...) but I still knew they will get pissed and make it a big deal. It took me a year to tell them!
5/23/2009 c21 Celly
One of the few stories that I don't care who the protagonist ends up with. I mean Micheal is an ass but he can turn around right? Ray is such a doll. I don't mind him either. And even Sean would be a good choice. Or someone one new in college in New York. So many possibilities. Just I would like to see him end up with someone happily ever after like. Not trying to tell you what to write are anything, just a desire. Can't wait until you finish this. Jaiyou.
5/16/2009 c21 lazyxhime
I'm hands down addicted. Stories like these feed my addiction so please help feed my urges?

I really, really can't wait to read more! It's such a thrilling read! Please update as soon as you can!
5/8/2009 c21 ArtificiallySw8
Just so you know, im still following this story :)

But i have no questions... :(
5/3/2009 c20 Night Innocence
Aww, so sad.

I really like how Michael has his defects and no one knows who Gerald really will end up with (well at least I don't). Michael is way to controlling; I think that Sean will probably be best for him, but I like Ray too... Well it's up to you. XD

The Gerald, his mom, Mrs. Harrison, and Albert thing...GENIUS, makes the story that much more better. :D
2/13/2009 c19 wtfwaswrongwithteenme
I really enjoy this story so far. Ray is so sweet you can't help but like him ecspescially since he does so much for gerald unlike micheal who I only like somtimes.
12/15/2008 c19 4SerialXLain
Aw. Gerald and his mommy bit was sweet/sad.

I like Ray muchos.

It took me forever to review this and then you get a shitty revew. xD
10/19/2008 c19 xSadistxFujix
I love this story!... but I don't like Micheal. At all. I love Sean and Gelard though! I think they are my fave characters! Micheal is an ass. He seriously is. Hmm. Great story and I can't wait for the next chapter!
10/8/2008 c19 1prince.poison
no! I want him to be with michael! I want Michael to be a good guy. Pretty pretty please!
10/8/2008 c13 prince.poison
Well thats better. But he is still a big jerk! Oh my god, you made me hate him. I hate the character michael. Well at least for now. you better change that! Or there will be hell to pay! XD
10/8/2008 c12 prince.poison
Oh my god I'm going to cry! That was so intense. Your so amazing.
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