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1/10/2007 c1 15No Trust
The Geico cave-man commercials are some of the best running commentary on American culture, and the little talking gecko dude is my personal hero.
1/9/2007 c1 final fantasy 8 kicks ass
your essay is amazing work of art, very funny. your suggestions would be good if the commericails were more than 30 seconds long.
1/9/2007 c1 3broken-pen
I totally agree. But, there is the one that really drives me up the wall. Head-on, apply directly to the forehead. Head-on, apply directly to the forehead...etc. Commercials are really not necessary. This was well written and I wasn't expecting a rant to be :P
1/7/2007 c1 8KeytoExistence
I disagree with you. I think that commercials are the most creative things on TV right now. (Of course, that might not be saying much since TV shows are crap right now).

The entire point of a commerical is to make the viewer feel that he "must" buy something. Obviously the copywriters (a copywriter is someone who writes advertisements. They make a surprisingly high amount of money) don't believe the events in the commercial will happen for real; that's not the point. The point is to leave something impressionable in the viewers' minds. The jingles and songs from commercials may be annoying to you, but they stay in people's heads.

Sure, there are a lot of bad commercials, but there are also a lot of witty and informative ones. It runs about 50/50. Compare that to TV shows, where the ratio of good to bad shows is like 10/90, maybe even worse.
1/7/2007 c1 5OTWriter
HAHA! Amen sistah!
1/7/2007 c1 48tuieri

it doesn't even say what it's for... -_-
1/6/2007 c1 79Spare Change
first off - er, i should say, this is more of a rant than an essay, something that ought to have been posted in a blog instead. well, the title says it all, as they say, hehe. it's entertaining though, i'll give you that.

second - you may not think so, but advertisements really work, even for those 'intelligent' people that you speak of. several psychological experiments had proven that subliminal messages and a person's familiarity of an object affects their choices. well, that's as far as i can remember anyway, hehe.

i don't think commercials aren't that bad. they are the lifeblood of the media-that is, without commercials, i don't think television or print media can make it. i suppose it's just a matter of taste and aesthetics when it comes to appreciation, hehe.
1/6/2007 c1 A. mous
About time someone slit open the pinata of annoying commercials.

It's true that the lack of creativity has begun to spread, it's been proven even outside the commercials (what with great books becoming movies and all, half of them aren't even that great compared to the original thing) ...although that would be pretty sad to have a movie based on a commercial.


Er, back to commenting. It's good to see someone such as yourself break away from the propaganda spell and explain what's wrong with the system. I even like how you based your own opinions on how commercials should go, despite the fact that we wish that all commercials would go away in the first place.

But great essay, great points and opinions added here. Keep ranting, it does wonders :3

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