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5/24/2009 c12 1Katherine-the-greate
nice chapter. please update again soon!
5/20/2009 c12 21rosieroo
yay! their back together!
5/19/2009 c12 2Lady of Confusion
love it! update asap!
5/17/2009 c12 1violet-eyez
so he's not going to claim her now
5/15/2009 c2 18Aoide's Anthem
Um, I don't know that 115 pounds at 5' 5" is enough to MENSTRUATE. And if Lana's so pretty, than why is she jealous of her friend's looks?
5/15/2009 c12 ChristianAngel01
This was all tear-worthy I just love reunions between two lifemates its soo romantic lol anywazy great chapter
5/15/2009 c12 14jenjen-0
Lol wow, took a while didn't it? :P

Ah well, poor Jayce :( Can I have him now?

Loved it xD
5/15/2009 c11 6sooner or later its over
really interesting so far :)
5/15/2009 c3 sooner or later its over
ha ha i love how she keeps talking about sexy underwear
5/14/2009 c11 53BookTitles
I love her! SHe's so cute and funny!

And the guys are so possessive - kind of creepy, kind of hot - it's half and half :)

ANyway, pleaese continue - this story's really good!

millie xx
3/26/2009 c10 21rosieroo
aw i like lucan so much more! Although his character could be developed a bit more, this is still a great story!
3/16/2009 c11 clairey
I love this story so far...please update soon! :D
2/28/2009 c11 ChristianAngel01
Lol Ohh my gosh I love the drama man and it was funny too I cant wait for the next chapter :D
2/19/2009 c11 1violet-eyez
so she going to choose lucan?
2/4/2009 c11 1Julia Nathan
no the cemetery? THey were supposed to...uh-oh. Did Lucan even find them...he didn't did he? THis was all a lie! Wasn't it? Omg srry if I'm getting ahead of myslef but ugh now i have to wait for more! I'm a very impatient person. :(
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