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2/26/2012 c1 bluefairycool
Its been absolutely years since I've read this story, but I always remembered it. I came back today to find it had been removed years ago, shows you how long its been!

I just wanted to say that I thought this creation of yours was unique and fascinating, as well as beautifully written. I'm sorry to hear that you were affected by plagiarism also, it seems the majority of my past favorite stories have been removed from this site because of this.

Anyways, I felt this story was on the same level of those which are published, so I hope maybe in future you'll consider finishing this gem off and publishing it :)

Sarah x
5/31/2009 c1 6demi.91
Wow, It's been a year since i read this story and reviewed.. but its still so good!

And you still havent updated! No.

I think what intrigues me so much is that you've only given us bits of information about the characters past and I really want to know her connections to Dark and Kai and everything!

You're an amazing writer, please write more.
5/30/2009 c7 Hail
Update soon! =)
5/3/2009 c7 2Ponder000
i like how its written, not too annoying like she isnt all that helpless =) Considering her situation, she is quite smart and its realistic.

I like malakai better than dark! I hope he gets Camille haha
4/16/2009 c7 Lesumi
This is well done , will you continue soon?
4/8/2009 c7 8LaGrid
Ooh defiance, defiance...

wow you haven't like updated this story in a year so i doubt you will anytime soon but i just wanna say- it's a great story that perhaps oneday can be completed with an ending it deserves:)

Hopefully within the next three years XD
4/8/2009 c2 LaGrid
“Cross my heart, hope to die. I promise to be a good boy.” Another laugh followed this.

Dark must really think he was comedian or something.


Best humour by far in this chapter. I know this story isn't really meant to be humourous, what with "bella" fearing for her lyfe and all but sumtymes these little ironic comments just make you laugh out loud. You know, when you really shouldn't be laughing?

Anyway, still enjoying it vry much so. Doubt I'll review every chapter but i'll make sure to pop a review here and there:)
4/8/2009 c1 LaGrid
Wow, a very mysterious first chapter! For a wild, crazy, heart-stopping moment i thought Dark was going to say his name was "Edward" but I'm glad he didn't it. If he ever says his name is that...that...old guys name...i will 100 percent cry.

Whoa, shackles and manacles- it's pretty heavy duty bondage going on here ( get ur mind out of the gutter) and yea...took me aback a bit, but not so much so i'm gonna stop reading:)
3/25/2009 c7 Vij
This story is totally intriquing, what is really happening to their world, who is Dark, who is malakai. Oh please update and answer my questions. Thanks
2/26/2009 c7 Regin
I Like, I Lust, I Love!Please Update Soon!
2/12/2009 c1 Lesumi
The storyline is really good so far ! Well I was wondering about for quite a while already. The end of the world? You portrayed it well .
2/11/2009 c7 2i love life
gr8 story...

cant wait for te next 1...

update soon pls
1/22/2009 c7 EM
Where's the rest? :(
1/21/2009 c7 orangesharpie18
I just wanted to let you know that your story is one of the best I've read on here. You are an extremely talented writer and it makes me sad that you're not updating this story anymore. It's written fantastically! You make the characters believable, and their personalities are consistent. I like that it's not another story of mushy gushy "kidnapped and falling in love" story. Dark is especially intriguing. You write him so dark and sinister. I've fallen in love with the character for how puzzling and complicated he is to me. And I don't fall in love with characters very often when I read. It makes me want to know more! Like who was Camille before she lost her memory? How does Dark tie in? What is Camille's and Malakai's history? I hope you come back and write more! I'd definitely read it.
12/12/2008 c7 1AmberAmbushed
This story is so interesting. Update soon!
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