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3/29/2008 c3 16Ama-sk8
This is a great story so far, and I would really hate to see it not updated.

I love the personality of this Logan guy already.

All that you need to do is just leave this story alone for a while, and usually thats when the inspiration bug bites you. I'd help, but i'm kind of having bit of writers block myself.

i'm goin to add this to my alert list just in case you add another chapter =)

just know that i loved it!
11/29/2007 c3 Dawn Willow
I loved you story and can't wait to see where it's headed.
8/14/2007 c1 1Butterflies18
I like it so far.
7/4/2007 c3 vvkn
Heey this is great , and I wanna read more! Kep on the updating :D

but I was wondering, there in chapter 2 the last line. "The name is Logan, friend" Was it the boy, or Rena saying that ?:O
6/26/2007 c2 jj37362
There's a line in you story that says, '...she had a high cheekbones...' I thought it was very funny but you might want to correct that :). I really like this even though I thought I wouldn't. Actually, I've recently realised that i like fantasy romance better than regular, cliche romance. Even though we haven't seen much of him, I'm already hooked on Logan's character. Good job with this. Update soon plz.

5/4/2007 c2 6Carmel March
Wow. This is a great story so far. You have a talent for narrating the story in an interesting and unique way. Good job on this. I know you haven't updated this in a while, but I'm still going to say it...update soon! :)

4/5/2007 c1 2TheDwee
I must say, I really enjoyed reading this! Your characters seem real, and very life like. Not to mention this Logan character reminds me of a few people I know...anyways, I would LOVE for you to update this asap! Excellent beginning!
2/14/2007 c2 ssppaamm
that was a cool chapter. sorry i took so long to review
2/6/2007 c2 16themeanreds
oh, I like this Logan guy. good story, update soon!
1/11/2007 c1 2Simple Thoughts
interesting, update soon.
1/11/2007 c1 ssppaamm
that was good and interesting. the first paragraph says oil instead of owl tho, and yea..if u can read and review my story that'd be nice. i only have 1 for now but please read and review it, thnx!

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