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for Don't Let Hope Die Tonight

6/16/2011 c1 2AreWeTheWaiting
Wow, this poem is beutiful really and it has a meaningful message in it too when you think about it. i loved it!
1/14/2007 c1 123dress her up in fairytales
wow, i love this. it blew me away and, reading it in my head, makes me think of it as a song. and the ending is beautiful, amazing, it sums this whole piece up wonderfully.
1/12/2007 c1 59radioactive stanica
I really love it just the way it is!

Best Wishes

Added it to my C2!
1/11/2007 c1 37TaltushMeiMei
For the most part, I liked this poem. I liked the rhymes and the flow... until you repeated one. The "slurr/answer" rhyme was probably my least favorite to begin with because it felt so awkward, and then you used it again, which kind of killed it. I do like the poem, but I just can't handle that. Everything else is very visual and sharp, but that part... I also happen to think the word blur would be better there; maybe that's what you meant (I can't know, obviously). So... yeah. I like it, but see if there's something you can do about that repetition, okay? I think it would make this poem even better than what it already is.

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