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for Reason and Romance Redux

4/8/2009 c26 Blue Blood4686
This is an awesome story!

I loved it! So well written. And the plot was complete genius!

Time to see if you put up the sequel!

See yah in the next story!
4/7/2009 c26 1deltaphi
loved this story

excellent job on it
4/6/2009 c3 Toawii
Oh, Gawd! She told that teacher off. I read that phrase like five times. I'm already lovin this story better than the first.
4/4/2009 c26 23Jem the writer
You are responsible for one seriously bad headache.

I've been desperately trying to finish this in one day - and I did! I couldn't tear myself away from it =]

Not only did this leave me with a satisfied feeling but also a craving for milk (despite my lactose intolerance!)

I really loved all the characters, and the classic hate into love relationship.

You have a certain addictive style of writing and despite the fact that I already have a gazillion fave authors and stories ... guess what two boxes I just ticked?

You're clearly a very talented author. I definitely look forward to reading more of your works!

4/3/2009 c26 ConverseLover
Finally finished the story! I found this version of Reason and Romance much more interesting than the original. It was exciting and addicting. Adrian's personality in Redux was more attractive; I found her a bit boring in the original because she was depressed over Jason. Oh yeah, I forgot to thank you for not adding Jason or Stephanie in the rest of the story! Btw, I love how you talked about each character in great details; definitely helped my imagination. Alex is like a Sex God, I swear, he's so interesting! I felt so bad for Quentin in this story but now I'm off to read "Trouble Starts with a Q".
4/3/2009 c26 esssjay
i read this story a little while ago n absolutely loved it !

i haven't read tha original so i mite do that next...

i've read all your spin-offs to this story. they're all pretty good n i cant wait til you finish 'still waters'.

but i was wondering...it seems like spin-offs are yor thing buh have you ever considered doing a direct sequel to this story ? maybe wit adrian n alex off at college. i'm sure plenty of people have asked foh it n no doubt there'd be plenty of drama to write abt there. also, it'd be reeli interesting if you could do like a cross-over wit one of yor other stories in tha sequel, like tha characters could cross each others' paths...i was thinking of tha characters from 'mating habits of the popular and the petty' in particular. maybe they meet at college or something..

i reckon it'd be prety interesting dunchu think ? buh its jus a suggestion. yor other stories are great too, yor a fab writer !

3/31/2009 c1 4I Dance In The Rain
I'm only on chapter one and I already LOVE this story. I know I'm probably going to cry when I finish it because I'll wish it hadn't ended. I just love how funny it is! I've already laughed out loud at least five times and I'm at work so everyone's probably wondering if I've gone off the deep end. It's worth looking like a lunatic though! :D
3/27/2009 c1 4peanutbutter126
That was a very good chapter. You made it very clear what Adrian and Alex's personalities were, and already I can see them sleeping together. Very strong descriptions (constipated brown!). Adrian is a very interesting character - Meg, too. You gotta love a kid who punches their father's eye! I was also very pleased while reading your description of Alex. Some stories take up quite some space to cover the hairstyle, shade of hair colour, eyes, the shirt, possible baggy pants etc. You did a very good job on this first chapter - I'm drawn in already! 8D
3/21/2009 c3 4MiseryRevisited
River Valley High School is a highschool in my town. Bumfuck, Arizona sounds alot like Bullhead.
3/20/2009 c26 akinaxxx
I loved this. Completely, totally, utterly loved this. There were so many times when I just had to burst out laughing and my mom would give me weird stares =D And not many stories can make me do that. I think the thing I loved most in this story was its sarcasm because it has always been a thing I loved and you used it very well. I especially loved how Travis would know when Adrian was mad and he'd go like "Dude, your smiling." That always had me burst out laughing. I really like Vaughn, Travis, and Quentin because they were completely fun to know. It's not like I don't like Adrian and Alex but they're just a bit more serious. I've also read Trouble Starts with a Q and loved that too but I haven't read Still Waters yet because it isn't completed yet but I'll get to it sometime, completed or not =)
3/15/2009 c1 Teenage Trash xx
i love this story (:

infact i love most of your stories there amazing tbh haha

i haven't read the original so i think im gonna do that just so i can see the difference but i bet i will like them both xD

3/9/2009 c26 1liberata
I've followed your stories since 2005 and all I have to say is with everything that changes in 4 years, you've remained the constant source of fantastic literary entertainment. Personally I liked the redux version much better as it gave both Alex and Adrian so much more edge and dimensions to their characters. I have to say tho, Cates is the best friend a girl could ask for in my opinion. That aside, R&R Redux and AWM are my favourites as they strike me with elements of truth and reality.
3/8/2009 c26 8phantasiluv
omgosh..i loved this..at first, i thought i was gonna hate it bcuz adrian and meg were so much meaner, but then i thought about their situation and realized that they couldve been meaner..n then i started to like it even more wen Ad bcame the "ice-queen(bitch, wutever they called it" and totally curshed melbourne on the 1st day(legendary first impression) and how she totally dismissed alex, i mean if his ego wasnt shattered at the airport, it was definately shattered now...nd u gave Nicky a spine and a lil bitchiness(BRAVO)...the way the lines from RR kept showing up was brilliant...and i lovd alex's father and meg even more in this..i just wished that she did punch bri..it wouldve made for one hell of of a scene, but then again that wouldve escalted some unnescesary(sorry for my spelling)problems...the ending was gr8 esp the part where Ad's father asked nicky for some of her earplugs and was like "if you cant beat em join"..i was laughing for a good three minutes on that..hilarious, and i love how theyre not super mushy after they get 2gether...all in all i give this story 2 thumbs up, 5 stars and Gold star rating! Well Done! Excellent job!
3/6/2009 c1 1headtotoes
I'm head over heels in love with your story. :]

I found it on someone's favorite list and was curious about the name Adrian, and it instantly intrigued me.

I have to admit, I read that story three times in a row in what, three or four days, I think. My stomach flipped, I had a big smile in my face and it was always so amazingly cute, I don't really have any words for it. :]

Amazing & beautiful work!
2/26/2009 c6 JJLPetersson
I fucking loved this chapter! It was so good!
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