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for Mental Warfare

2/20/2007 c1 13MalonSings
I think I've stumbled across something beautiful. Well done.
1/13/2007 c1 34AppleofEris
I came here to thank you for the review, and found I poem I wholly enjoyed. Something about the fluid motion and ryhme scheme of the poem makes it very playful, but the "war" at hand seems all the more serious. Was this on purpose? Perhaps a way of stating that you know this is not as serious as any war? Or, was the war merely a representation of the melodrama caused by such situations? Anyway, this brings me to say that I love the ambiguity this causes. That, and your lack of punctuation is infinitely interesting, save for the line, "An unanswered question." This really brings this statement home...Very final with it's period. The rest of the poem seems so fluid with out it, and it's really a structure in which I've always felt too afraid to use. Maybe I'll try and break the bounds of Grammatics? You're braver than I. Anyway, I thoroughly love this piece, and I thank you again for the review.

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