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for Dark Reflection

6/12/2001 c1 7PA the Pyro
Woah! That was very sadistic. Awesome job! I loved it. I simply loved it. So dark and gruesome. IT was MARVELOUS. I really liked it.
3/25/2001 c1 kukki-chan
Thank you for letting me use this! I'm bookmarking it ^^ I really like it!
3/16/2001 c1 1Tears
I know how you feel..I think a lot of people do..and some see it but are to naive and they don't want to believe that the only person you can trust is yourself...and sometimes you can't even trust urself.

3/16/2001 c1 kukki-chan
oh wow. Shino Megumi-san may I maybe use this for a fic? I'll give you full credit!

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