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9/5/2014 c5 jun
Darcy doesn't seem to be doing shit for herself at all. She relies on everyone around her to take care of her and then cries about how she's a failure.

gawd, I dislike her so much.
2/22/2014 c6 SugaryWolf
I just adore Shay. Oh he just wants to be by Caemine and everything. I'm upset this wasn't finished. And right at the reunion. I needed to have Carmine cry and Shay by his side comforting him. Well this story ends here I guess. I really enjoyed your story and Loved your characters. Thanks again.
2/22/2014 c1 SugaryWolf
Just came her right after I finished the first story and I'm so glad the issue about Carmine's parents is now being unfolded. I'll be in deep emotions now. Thanks . ;')
4/2/2011 c1 Mary
I so wish it to be updated!

But, anyway, thanks for all we have already!
3/11/2011 c6 4frolic-horror
oh no... stops right before the meeting

I will never understand why this guy avoids his family...
11/14/2010 c6 1miraakira
like is there any way in the foreseeable future that u can update this story, cause it's awesome i absolutely love Carmine i think i would name my son Carmine though I'm not Italian but still... and I'm rambling but pleas i know it hasn't been update since 07 but it would mean the world to me if you update it, i really love this couple!
9/5/2008 c6 17JtheChosen1
great story! this is amazing and I can't wait for more!
7/11/2008 c6 Shadow1290
Fucking Update already! It's been forever and I wanna know what happens. please let them stay togehter and for Gods sake have Carmine get over his 'issues'!


6/30/2008 c6 randomness
I have to say, I've never come across one of your stories that I didn't like. I think what makes your characters endearing is that they are so realistic. Not many writers feel comfortable with making their characters flawed, yet that's what makes them human. Carmine and Shay are by far the most intriguing couple you've paired up so far (unless Brett and Mahir start dating)not only because of the manner in which they met, but because they are such polar opposites. I'm addicted to your stories, and was wondering if you were going to continue this particular one (also The Two of Us, which I also love)or if its no longer in your plans. I don't want to be one of those pressuring type of reviewers, I'm just curious. d i a m o n d h e a r t 5 5 5 @ a o l . c o m
5/3/2008 c6 Feel The Waltz
You need to update this please :)
3/24/2008 c6 abbybyrd
Well, since I liked this Whole story enough to read it all in one sitting I figure I own you a quick review before I go pass out. :)

So simply put, I really really like this story. Quite the original idea lol. I was pretty happy when i found this sequel. I love Carmine and Shay and I hope you haven't abandoned this one. It seems Carmine has some issues to work out yet...

I can't wait for the next chapter!
2/13/2008 c1 jennalewis
This might be a stupid question, but are you going to write again? I really enjoy your stories.
2/10/2008 c6 9Asitha
you haven't updated in so long, and I love this fic! I love how fucked up Carmine is and he knows it and tries to change. It all just feels so real, not just like the 'oh I just met you and am madly in love with you' stories.

I really hope you continue this!
2/9/2008 c6 a-kamari
I'm so happy there is a sequel! xD
7/3/2007 c1 Guest
You are, eh, alive right?
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