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10/9/2008 c45 Gig
i lovee this story. it helps me get away from the drama in my life. thanks for helping me escape =P
9/26/2008 c44 70Bob Evans
Wow. I'm hoping that after Ashley has had her time to be selfish that she'll come back and make up for all of this crap. Although, some of these choices may be irreversible.

And my goodness! These updates are so few and far between. How much more narrative are you planning?

~Bob Evans
9/25/2008 c44 jmu
i`ll give you whatever cookie you want. write more :)

O GOSH ASHLEY NO WHY HIM? she is setting herself up for heartbreak...she thinks that she`s just getting fun out of it, but then he`ll reject her, & she`ll end up hurt, even if she doesn`t love him.

UGH it`s like a bad movie! :( (& not in the "this is stupid"-bad way, the "o gosh it`s not going to end happily"-bad)

even so, i`m dying to see what happens.
9/23/2008 c44 3MandyRenae
I'm guessing that Cameron has a girl friend.

That's why he was already in the theater. and wearing the hat.

Plus, all he wants is a little fun.

Why else would he suggest a movie that would obviously be empty.

I'll bet that he didn't need to go home to babysit.

He just needed to be with his girlfriend.

Seriously. Why can't she just admit that Caleb is freaking head over heels for her?

Its not cool.
9/23/2008 c44 belle1220
I just discovered your story. While I enjoy the story, I really feel that it is the never ending story. You're 44 chapters in and there doesn't seem like an end in sight.

I feel as though this Cameron obstacle was unnecessary. Caleb and Ashley were making progress and then you went and introduced a new character to prolong the inevitable.

I hope you don't take this to be a flame, but did you even plan out the story or are you writing it as you go? If you don't have a story plan, I would suggest that in future stories you think about utilizing one.
8/28/2008 c43 70Bob Evans
I am slightly disappointed in Ashley. After everything with Caleb, and here she is with Cameron. Poor Caleb; he keeps getting the short end of the stick.

Ah well, on the bright side, at least Ashley got to have a good day for a change. Let us hope that contributes to some more wisely oriented decisions in the events to come.

~Bob Evans
8/5/2008 c43 jmu

...i have no words, no words.

i think i may be like her dad - 'deeply disappointed' in her right about now.

so is that the end of things with caleb? it had better not be.

seriously, what is she doing? :(


i`m glad you don`t have complete writer`s block :D

more please? *cookie* please ?
7/27/2008 c43 1crazylady4
hey love the story absolutely brilliant.. Ashley is so stupid sometimes. and also she is so wrapped up in herself that she can't help hurt everyone else around her.. Poor Caleb! anyway i love your story please update soon!
7/24/2008 c43 7Salt and Vinegar Pringles
I love this story, because it's so YA, and really interesting with its ups and downs, and Ashley is a fantastic character... but sometimes -aug! ha, she's very frustrating to read about... what was wrong with caleb? ha. guh. looking forward to an update
7/24/2008 c43 Gigi
"Cameron is-"


LOL. yaay another chapter. ashley's going to get played again. =(
7/23/2008 c42 jmu
o gosh, ashley! just date caleb already!

*throws rocks at maggie* back away, woman!

honestly, what in the world is ashley thinking, with cameron! she knows she loves caleb. she says 'for whatever reason, that made my blood boil' when she sees caleb & maggie talking...it`s because she obviously likes him! eugh. what a piss off.

update please
6/30/2008 c42 jaded.in.green
i just read the entire story. its way past my bedtime and i got to the end and ... whats going on? I thought at least i was staying awake to see the great romance between ash and caleb finally finally start to work but no

i was denied.


im sure u have your reasons as all good writers do

but i guess its a sign of a good story if you can make your readers this frustrated over the story line

btw, ive been through my share of shitty guys and i can totally relate to the whole being guarding thing. I just wish ash would give nate a really good kick in the groin. It would be symbolic to all the guys that have ever screwed any guys over.

or i could just be talking shit, its two in the morning after all.

looking forward to the next chapter

peace =]
6/29/2008 c42 2chelebell
Im starting to really adore this story. I think the only way i could love it more is if she choked either jess or maggie..maybe both! keep up the good work!
6/28/2008 c42 katmarie
wel i just read this story from the very beginning, and i hadn't even realized that it was already 2 in the morning.

in other words, i love it.

i can't wait to see what happens next. :)
6/25/2008 c42 70Bob Evans
I was beginning to think you were either dead, or you had abandoned Fiction Press like so many other authors before.

I once asked before that now that Pandora's Box was open if Ashley would get her act together. And now it seems quite the opposite has happened. Is she really doing this whole thing with Cameron out of spite for Caleb, or is she suddenly interested in him (that was quite sudden, but such is the mind of the female sometimes). And it seems my earlier opinion of Maggie has been reversed as well.

Well, this is quite the perfect little storm Ashley has found herself in now. Only difference is that she's on emotionally higher ground for a change. She better make her next few decisions carefully.

~Bob Evans
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