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6/24/2008 c42 Gigi
hahah true that. hope u had a fun 21st! yay for updates. aww poor ash. cam seems nice ;P
4/11/2008 c41 jmu
double update! it`s like an orgasm on the web! O_O but in a non-porn way...

oh ashley. ashley ashley ashley. that`s all i can say. *shakes head*
4/3/2008 c41 Gigi
aw! wow so many guys for ash. if only cameron came earlier. hope ash and caleb get together soon. you chapters make me happy =)
4/3/2008 c41 70Bob Evans
Something very suspicious is going on with this Cameron character. I sense a great deal of foreshadowing.

Hahahaha, Ashley just had a major revelation, had it dashed out, and I'm focused on the mysterious person who so far has done nothing more than befriend Ashley.

Well, we'll see if my suspicions are confirmed.

~The one and only Bob Evans
3/14/2008 c39 Gigi
yaay updates! aww poor ash. i thought maaggi was goin to steal caleb
3/2/2008 c39 Bob Evans
You know what, I think I've changed my mind about Maggie. Even though she still has the potential to screw over Ashley, at least she got her thinking (and so far, she is the first person to do that). Kudos to her.

So, now that Pandora's box has been opened, will Ashley finally get her act together?

~Bob Evans
2/29/2008 c39 jmu
hah you`re so right - i was totally expecting something different to happen.


ashley is frustrating me! she`s ruining my plans for her total happiness with caleb! rrgh!

even i don`t get her, & i just re-read the whole thing trying to get what`s going thru her mind.

mm...okay more please :) i`m very happy :)
2/26/2008 c38 jmu
isn`t the squeal great? it`s perfect for an icebreaker (i can imagine sitting in the lounge at my school, reading silently...and then i squeal that & everyone wants to be my friend. it`s perfect.)

caleb did a hip-grab! scandal! haha i love how ashley just melts everytime he does something. it`s so romantic :)

eugh, but in my true fashion, i absolutely loathe how maggie tagged along like that. she`s going to try something, i know it! (if you`ve watched juno, then you`ll understand when i say i`m giving maggie the stink-eye.)

mm...a bit of a spelling thing - you wrote maggie was revealing in the stares, but i think you meant to say reveling. oh well, as long as i can understand, it doesn`t matter what others think when they read it :) heheh

AND NO! ASHLEY HAS TO DANCE WITH CALEB! SO THEY CAN BE ALL MUSIC-VIDEO-SEXY-DANCING! O_O ergh, i hate when people get in the way. i`m totally betting that maggie is going to hit on caleb while ashley is being thrown back and forth to the beat of the music by grant. errgh.

more please :)
2/1/2008 c37 jmu
i have done the traditional squeal that i do when a very HOT part comes up in stories : "omg they`re sexing!"

just to see who`s gonna look over at my laptop screen to see if i`m watching dirty videos.

ahh caleb. and ashley. and caleb.

the shoulder kiss had me cooing. :)

haha mark kind of sounds like jess - a bit impatient, except that he`s a boy.

oh what a perfect match. how their children will enjoy them so.


and ex-boyfriend`s letters/notes are good for those cold winter days when the need for fire is pressing.

1/30/2008 c37 Bob Evans
Ah ha, so you have confirmed my suspicions. And what with Caleb, I suspect Maggie is only all too ready to spring some more drama on the scene. 'Course, I am curious if we were doing more than just "visiting" Ashley's past. Call me crazy, but I sense foreshadowing...

~Bob Evans
1/30/2008 c37 4ShatteredIntoAMillion
I absolutely love this story and it is SO hard to find stories worth reading. I love detailed and long played out storied. Sadly I can't write but, well that is why I love writers like you! lol NICE STORY!
1/20/2008 c31 Essie
Do you believe in windows of opportunity? There's that time when you like someone so much you think you're going to die and then time passes and you move on because they missed their window. I hope in the end Ash moves on with Caleb because Nate deserves some karma coming his way.
1/18/2008 c36 anne
is caleb goign to be there?
12/21/2007 c35 4Jesspuggy
I've been reading this since I got off work this afternoon... Even though theres a million other things I need to do. Usually my attention is not held so long.. lol. And I almost finished it! It's great thus far, well written, very interesting!
12/20/2007 c36 jmu
strangely, jess seems to be acting nicer.


slightly. only slightly.

oh well. ash still rocks.

can`t wait to see [er...read?] caleb`s expression when he sees her in red - it`s the colour of love, & passion, &...sex. *giggles*

i`m excited.
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