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12/17/2007 c36 3MandyRenae

Is Caleb going to be there?

I bet he is!

more as soon as possible?

Christmas present?
12/16/2007 c36 70Bob Evans
Hmm. Jess; actually listening to Ashley. Possibly proof that maybe the two can get along? Hopefully that'll be one less antagonist for her to deal with, especially with this recent development of Maggie.

Heh, although one has to wonder what kind of mischief we're to expect when she goes in to see the guys. I sense foreshadowing.

~Bob Evans

P.S. Yes, after all the crap he's been through, I feel sorry for Caleb too.
12/16/2007 c36 Gigi
we all know who's goin to be next door!
11/27/2007 c35 jmu
i can see ashley`s claws coming out.




when the heck will they start dating ?
11/24/2007 c35 GIgi
hahah i thought caleb walked in on her naked
11/24/2007 c35 Bob Evans
Heh heh, this is where being in Caleb's shoes would be the best place of all. Not only does he get to watch the insanity, but he has almost no involement with it.

Poor Ashley. Ah well, she deserves it. After all the crap she did before, she has to make up for it somehow. Although, I'm thinking something fun is up for the next chapter...and this cousin of hers will be the crux of it.

~Bob Evans
11/16/2007 c34 Bob Evans
Okay, this was the first cheerful chapter in a long while. For once, the characters were actually in good moods, and fun to read about. If anything, this chapter has revived all the spirit we lost.

Oh, and then there is the lovely fact that Caleb walked in on her dressing. That's always fun.

~Bob Evans
11/16/2007 c33 Bob Evans
Ugh, thank heavens. I give applaud Caleb for having such a thing for Ashley that he's not going down without a fight. Finally all that hard work has paid off.

Let's see what becomes of it.

~Bob Evans
11/8/2007 c34 3MandyRenae

what does he want?



lovelovelove it!

11/8/2007 c34 jmu
oh yay. caleb comes over to bring her dress fitting.

he`s going to have a spat with ash, i`m sure - she`ll get all bitched out at the fitting & it`ll be up to him to beat her up to make her calm down.


that`s my prediction.
10/25/2007 c33 MidnightRevolution
Niwa! Please update?
10/24/2007 c33 Gigi
10/23/2007 c33 6Lainiee
So... I think there were a few moments in which Ashley would've crossed the annoying line, but you've managed to keep her realistic in that whole teenage angst thing. I can see why and how her friends would ditch her, and I'm pretty amazed that someone like Caleb would be willing to stand by, despite all of the crap she's put him through (are highschool boys that mature? hahaha). I don't read a lot of angsty fics, but because I could read it, it's one of the better (handled) ones.

But anyway. A few things that bothered me was the fact that a few phrases would pop up now and again, usually dealing with the whole smoking thing- and the reason why it'd bother me is because it'd be the same phrase... just someone else saying it. Your characters are dynamic and seem well thought out, so it'd be a little jarring when the sister would say a line... and then the next, Caleb would say the same exact phrase.. Does that make sense? Just something really nit picky. Also, this is another thing that's completely tiny and not important, but I understand everyone's hatred to cigarette smoking- personally, I don't like it myself either, but it's rather rare to come across an entire supporting cast where everyone's really gung-ho set against it. I think it'd make it more realistic if they were still against it, but aren't snapping at Ashley about it every time (i.e. the passive aggressive: not really saying anything, but clearly really condescending about it, etc.)... I guess just different reactions for different characters.

Just some stuff. Keep up the writing!
10/22/2007 c33 jmu
it`s good to be back :)

this is so dramatic! i love it *dramatic music plays in the background*

i hope that caleb can get it out of her, b/c ashley should tell him. he deserves to know what the hell is going on!

i feel so bad for him. it`s almost like she`s dragging him around, which is almost like what nate did with her. ARGH. (oh caleb, i`ll be your honeybunny...) (just kidding.)

:( i hope that things go better. and i hope the dress-fitting won`t piss her the eff off.
10/22/2007 c33 Brittany
wow this chapter was amazing. can't wait for the update.

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