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10/22/2007 c33 3MandyRenae

She's finally going to tell Caleb about Nate!

I love Caleb. I think he should forget about ashley and go for me =]

well, power to ashley!

(and p.s. write more soon?)

(p.p.s. you don't have to, but me and other readers would love it)
10/11/2007 c32 jmu
it`s been a long time since i`ve been able to review! i just got my laptop
9/8/2007 c32 71Bob Evans
Okay, so at least we know Caleb knows he's on the right road, but Ashley needs to just let him in. As for the whole Nate thing; I thought I agreed with Lili, but then you made a comment to a previous reviewer...like Nate has a bigger part in the overall plot.

Dang, I really hope this gets resolved. Looking forward to more updates.

~Bob Evans
9/8/2007 c31 Bob Evans
Finally! I wondered if Ashley would ever get any sense knocked into her head.

I just hope against it all she never goes back to Nate. He betrayed her, and Caleb is right there for her.

She honestly needs to get her priorties straight.

~Bob Evans
9/8/2007 c30 Bob Evans
Wow, it's been so long since I've reviewed. Then again, these updates popped out of nowhere. I was surprised to see three new chapters so quickly.

I'm glad Ashley's Dad finally stood up for the cause. He did what needed to be done, and Ashley was saved from unnecessary stress.

I'm off to the next chapter now; gotta see what's so important about Nate that Cody went all nutso.

~Bob Evans
9/8/2007 c32 Gigi
9/7/2007 c32 2chelebell
oh, I love this.. I would also love to shake ash sensless a few times.. but that makes her a good character
9/5/2007 c32 Alyson

I am Very Glad Cody

will be in the story more

he is deffenitly one of my favourites.

i think Jess and Ashley just have

some problems to work out.

and Nate,Nate... NATE!

soo! amazing.

I like all this drama.

sort of reminds me of some other

stories you've writen lol.

(the anaa,Eric,Izzy Storys)

Xox Aly,Aly, ALYSON!=D
9/4/2007 c30 Alyson
that is true, Jess is a bitch.

and YES! you finaly updated!

Thank you soo much!

Nate,What an idiot.

an idot i really like.

caleb, i feel bad for him.

cuz he really likes Ashely,

and i THINK she still likes Nate.

but Caleb is a great guy.

its just, nate is more... i don't know!

he was in the begining of the story,

and i was thinking that whole time AW!

Nate is Adorible! lol

Cody isn't in the story much.

I was really happy

he was in it so much the lastest chapter!


Buh bies!

9/3/2007 c31 anne
it's about time! i was to yell at Ashley too more than one occasion
8/26/2007 c29 Alyson

Great Story.

Ashley can be so grumpy sometimes. lol

well actually all the time.

and i think she needs to be nicer to her sister..

and i am soo confused about Nate and Caleb.. i mean i like Caleb and all, but i sort of grew attached to Nate.. and Even though hes an idiot, i still think i like him better...

but over all AMAZING story.

i love all your story's i have read.. and can't seem to pick out

a favourite.There just all to amazing!

Keep up the good work.

and i can't wait till your next update =D

Xox Alyson
8/15/2007 c29 jmu


i feel both their pains.

can`t they get together yet ?
8/14/2007 c29 1Twizler519
ashley is starting to bug the hell out of me... its like she thinks she's the only one with problems. when really shes creating problems for so many people. yeah, so nate's an asshole. we have known that for awhile, i just don't understand how she can be over liking nate, and still be so messed up. it's not like her life is that horrible, it's one guy, who did a fucked up thing. but she still has her cousin, her family (even her sister who i think wouldn't be so mean if ashley weren't such a bitch all the time), lily, and caleb of course. She's basically throwing herself the years biggest, longest pity party for a reason that gets smaller and more petty day by day... meanwhile, as much as i don't like ashley right now, im anxious to see what unfolds.
8/14/2007 c26 8rooniedcfc
this chapter was kinda... hot... i think i miss my boyfriend :p

reading on!
8/13/2007 c29 Gigi
aww! they keep goin back and forth. communicate!
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