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8/13/2007 c29 71Bob Evans
You know, I think Ashley is just plain under-appreciating Caleb now. He's been beyond the limits of patient for her, acted like a gentleman in probably the most awkward of situations (also no doubt the easiest way to take advantage of a girl), and even now he's still doing as she asks him even when she refuses to give answers.

That dude deserves a medal of honor.

Well however you decide to rework or take the story, I'm looking forward to more updates.


~Bob Evans
8/10/2007 c28 Bob Evans
Poor Caleb. He's trying to be patient with her, but I guess all you can do is ride out the storm. Hopefully he has enough left to wait just a bit longer for Ashley to come around.

Lol, although I have to admit Ashley does quite an excellent job of making a scene when she's intoxicated. I'm curious where she'll wake up.


~Bob Evans

P.S. Ah yes, that was a most excellent ending to Harry Potter. She had a lot of peopel going, but when it was over, all you could hear was the cheering.
8/9/2007 c28 Gigi
oh ash what are you doin? *sigh*
8/6/2007 c27 jmu
two words:


you know how much i enjoyed that, oh yes, you know i enjoyed it muchly.
8/3/2007 c27 Bob Evans
Lol, it seems that Ashley always gets some kind of chance to beat some kind of hell out of Tessa.

Agh, I can't believe I let two chapters slip by before reviewing. Glad to see that through your busy schedual you at least got to read Harry Potter 7. That was awesome.

Heh heh heh, Ashley is like a piano, and Caleb knows how to play her too well (referring to the events back in Chapter 26). Of course, I'm not instigating that Caleb is literally "playing" her; just that he knows how to make her moan (lol).

Anyways, excellent work. Looking forward to next updates.


~Bob Evans
7/31/2007 c27 madpeach-x

Go Ashley.

I'm completely in love with Caleb, he's the most patient, sweetest character ever. Gosh, if only I could find myself a guy like that heh :p

Anyway, keep updating, I cant get enough of this story.
7/31/2007 c27 Gigi
uh oh drama! lol. aww u're story remind me of the quote: Life's a bitch, if it was easy it would be a slut. ;)
7/24/2007 c26 Gigi
oh ash *sigh*
7/24/2007 c21 Gigi
hm...i read that already? i'm confused lol.
7/22/2007 c25 jmu
long time, no review. i was gone for a month.

at least i had a lot to read :)

i`m glad ash finally sees that caleb likes her [how honestly blind can one get?];

i hope they get together.

& i hope that jess gets a cactus up where the sun don`t shine.

7/19/2007 c25 Bob Evans
Well maybe no redemption, but at least on the path to it. And yes, they finally gave in. I almost thought Ashley was going to blow it on that one. At least she's trying.

~Bob Evans

P.S. Seriously though, Cody should dump Olivia. She's way too 2-Dimensional for him.
7/18/2007 c25 Gigi
tension indeed lol
7/17/2007 c24 Bob Evans

If Ashley was in a pickle before; just when things were looking up, the crap hits the fan...Again. Hopefully though, maybe this party will be a good place for redemption? In all honesty, now that she's gotten past the hard part, she should really get into fighting mode. Go and conquer life!

Ah good; you converted to crust. It's always good to find another one that eats 'em. So sad to seem so many falling uneaten into the trash.

~Bob Evans

P.S. when you say "my kids", do you mean actual offspring, siblings, or babysat kids?
7/16/2007 c24 Gigi
aww smoking is so bad ash! ooh the plot is getting thicker
7/12/2007 c23 Gigi
aww ash!
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