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7/12/2007 c23 70Bob Evans
Holy crap; what's Lili's deal? So many possible scenarios, and she suddenly blows a gasget. Ashley has been selfish, I'll give her that, but Lili's not the hostile type...at least, I thought so. Tis this relationship thingy going on with Tyler - those have a tendency to cause mood swings.

Also, I think maybe now Ashley's finally realizing what Caleb is really interested in. You'd think she would've figured that one out one date ago.

By far, the best part of these two updates was the comment on "not using one's brain should be illegal". It drives home oh so many points, in oh so many teen-problems.

~Bob Evans

P.S. Why does everyone throw away the crust of the pizza? That's the best part!
7/8/2007 c21 Bob Evans
Agh! You had to cut off lunch! Ah well, I can wait. Because time is a commodity, it can also be purchased for the right price...

But focusing on Ashley; her problem is that she overdramatized it. Sure there are those intense feelings after the betrayal, but the time to move on was...several chapters ago. This whole Caleb thing will help move the proccess along.


~Bob Evans
7/3/2007 c21 Gigi
oh wow natalie...what to expect lol. hahaha. yay updates!
6/27/2007 c2 8rooniedcfc
this is a great story so far... oh and i also know someone named jared who is a total asshole :p i just wish i would have had the chance to slap the shit outta him :p
6/27/2007 c20 70Bob Evans
Em...no. Caleb is interested in other things. Although, I must say it is so fun to watch a person get discomboulated. The humor was still just as good watching Ashley. Heh heh, I have a feeling that her upcoming "lunch" is going to be quite the chapter.

Keep writing!

~Bob Evans
6/26/2007 c19 Bob Evans
Time has become a commodity these days, so I had no idea a new chapter had been posted. Then, you'll imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was really TWO, and that I was way behind.

Heh heh, now Ashley's deep in it. In a sad sort of way, I hope she does suffer a little. Then maybe she'll learn some sort of lesson. Of course, the awkwardness with Caleb is getting...suspicous. We'll have to see where you go with that.

~Bob Evans

P.S. One of these days I promise to get to the next chapter. Hopefully sooner than later.
6/25/2007 c20 Gigi
lol wow what an intellectual conversation. hahaha. yay! updates!
6/18/2007 c19 Gigi
5/30/2007 c18 fantasy4luvr

i so friggin love ur story

gl with ur finals

update soon pls
5/25/2007 c1 youpin
Nice job with this story.
5/18/2007 c18 Gigi
lol so moody!
5/18/2007 c18 jmu
ahh me.

jess is pissing the pee outta ash.

sibling rivalry at its finest.

can`t review long, great chapter - love it like always.

next one? : )
5/18/2007 c18 Bob Evans
Heh, that does sound funny. Good for Ashley to get a laugh every now and then.

As for the whole Caleb/Tyler thing, I'm a little confused how that is working out, but I guess we'll have to see where that goes (possible futrue relations?).

Uh oh, now she's really screwed. Jess is going to get her in a whole lot of trouble, and soon the cravings won't be fulfilled. Result; Ashley going rampant.

~Bob Evans
5/7/2007 c17 jmu
wow, ash is STRESSED OUT. to the max.

honestly, i think they`re all over-reacting now.

but then again, i`m stressed out & ready to cry and cuss at the slightest thing too, so i know what it`s like.

5/4/2007 c17 Bob Evans
While I don't blame Ashley for being pissed, I think she could be a little more tactful in her responses. Instead of just shooting off blind rage, perhaps she could actually accomplish something.

But ah well. She needs to get back at Jess for punishing her so. And hopefully Cody will get to suffer as well. And Nate. And the others.

~Bob Evans
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