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5/3/2007 c17 Gigi
Ashley is so moody! lol yay another chapter.
4/20/2007 c16 71Bob Evans
It never really dawned on me till now how selfish her sister really was. I guess she does have good reason for being pissed, and running off was probably better then staying at home during the shouting match.

Perhaps things will clear up now that the worst is over.

~Bob Evans
4/19/2007 c16 Gigi
ohh...cody is contemplating. poor cody.
4/16/2007 c15 jmu
i hate when you get that mixed feelings thing over a guy.

gawd, sucks to be ash at this moment in time.

but i swear to goodness, if caleb turns out to be some kind of ass using her for tessa i will KILL them all.


more please! *holds up plate*
4/9/2007 c15 Bob Evans
If what you say is true, then said people have no shame.

Ah, but amid this conflict, Ashley has a possible new relationship. This chapter concluded a few things from the last one, but I don't have anything to look forward to except the mysteries to come in the next chapter. Let's see where that takes us next.

~Bob Evans
4/9/2007 c15 Gigi
oh new twist with caleb!
4/6/2007 c14 jmu
i know i know, it`s been a long time since a review from me but here it is...

i cheered when she finally smacked somebody [too bad it had to be nate lol], & seriously, it`s pretty angering how people can be bitches like that.

i`m surprised she took it so coolly, cuz w/ me? it`s all JUMP IN AND FIGHT!

honestly, when i`m tipsy & i`m angry, nothing stands in my way...tessa`s face would have been carpeting the floor if i was ashley...lucky i`m not ashley [or that ash isn`t me]!

caleb has a thing for ash, i think.

that`s about it!

more patient waiting :D

4/4/2007 c14 Gigi
4/1/2007 c14 Bob Evans
I still can't believe Nate is taking up the stance that it was Ashley who came onto him. I mean, even if he didn't start that notion, at least he could correct it... How shallow...

Heh heh, now what's going to become of Ashley? wandering around the neighborhood drunk.

~Bob Evans
3/24/2007 c13 gigi
uh oh about about lili?
3/20/2007 c13 Bob Evans
Ugh, it has been way too long. Been very busy, but the upside is that I got four whole chapters to read.

Poor Ashley. All the people she knows are oh so shallow. It's amazing she even has anyone on her inner circle. And Nate should be ashamed of himself. And he was the one getting mad. Honestly, Ashley should just beat the crap out of him (or slap the crap out).

Heh heh, Ashley's getting a little too buzzed at this party. Next chapter is going to be pretty "interesting". Can't wait to see where this goes...

~Bob Evans
3/14/2007 c10 starburst19
hey i loved you story it great one of the best iv read in a long time i just loved it update soon i dont know how long i can last with out the next chap
3/10/2007 c10 16Cinera
Aww... No more? Update soon please?

Please tell me Ashley slaps a bitch... I so want her to slap a bitch.
3/10/2007 c8 Cinera
Tessa should've gotten bitch slapped. I was waiting for it, and it never happened. Now I'm depressed. Just kidding.
3/10/2007 c2 Cinera
Hehehe, Tessa's a little bitch. Make's me giggle.
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