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3/10/2007 c10 gigi
aww i thought caleb would hook up with ash
3/8/2007 c9 gigi
ah. teenange angst.
2/27/2007 c8 71Bob Evans
Hmm, I always got the vibe that Ashley was more of a fighter; not the type to break down and loose it when the time of confrontation came. I guessed that she would defend her case, and then freak out and beat the crap out of Nate for going back to her (unless Tessa was talking big, and Nate didn't actually stick with her after all was said and done, but we'll see how that turned out later).

But perhaps I have been picking up the wrong vibes from her. I will need more time to determine for sure, so let us see where this goes.

And as for Ashley's attitude problem; of course she'd be cuter without one, but when have teenagers ever not had an attitude? I mean honestly. And besides, there is always the extra conflict that comes with it. It's sad, but fun to watch.

~Bob Evans
2/26/2007 c8 jmu
sounds like encounters i`ve had - but mine usually ended in fist fights :] (what can i say? i`m violent!)

in any case, if i was lili, i woulda BITCHSLAPPED tessa so hard, she woulda flown to china and back!

so much drama.

*hands ash a smoke* you`re gonna need it.

(*runs away from the random smoker i stole the cigarette from* I`M SORY BUT SHE NEEDS IT MORE THAN YOU!)
2/25/2007 c8 gigi
aww poor ash
2/25/2007 c8 ed
ah, that was good!

was getting worried that i hadnt seen any new chapters, but all good.

niptuck is mint too.

2/20/2007 c1 NO LONGER USING
I liked this a lot. A nice paced read...not too slow, not rushed. It's written well and I like how you've described your characters. Good job! I'll be back to read more later.
2/11/2007 c7 jmu
i love the drama.

no time for a longass review,

but i will say that i love how different this is from the 'girl who gets every guy she wants' kinda story.

: ]

this is a 'girl gets a mess in the bargain' kinda thing.

cookies, cookies - take them all, just keep writing!

2/10/2007 c7 Bob Evans
Now looking forward very much to your update. I'm curious how long of a story you're going to make this, because while I have a pretty good idea on what the overall plot is, I'm still trying to determine whether or not a few of your subplots so far are going to develop in further conflict later on. I'm looking for the clues...

Anyways, good chapter. Too bad poor Ashley has such an attitude. But then again, too bad everyone around her has such an attitude as well.

~Bob Evans
2/10/2007 c6 Bob Evans

Poor, poor Ashley. Maid of honor, eh? Well I'm curious to see how this is going to develop. Sorry, haven't checked up for awhile (again). Onto the next chapter.

~Bob Evans
2/10/2007 c7 Gigi
hope u feel better. wow ash is cranky.
2/7/2007 c6 8Silenced Thoughts
OMG Thank you so much for starting another story! I go crazy with out your writing lol...you really are a great writer and i think i like this better than the Ana/Isabella Trilogy already...very stuck in the drama of it all already
2/6/2007 c6 Gigi
lol wow that's fast.
2/4/2007 c5 UbiquityEssence
wow. the drama ensues. glad you're writing so soon!
1/31/2007 c5 71Bob Evans

Well, this has been a good read, so I'm expecting more updates soon. I've said it before, but gosh darn it, you're good with characters. If you keep it as good as it is now, then the only place for this story to go is up.

Keep writing!

~Bob Evans
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