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for Don't Bother Angel

1/28/2007 c1 58ChildeOfChaos
This is so sad! Very well written but incredibly sad. Great write!
1/18/2007 c1 31i am valentine
this is tragic, i honestly mean that. if you truly feel that way about someone, you should know that you deserve every angel that comes into your life. of course, this could just be a poem you wrote to sound beautiful, in which case you succeeded in a very sad way... so congradulations : )
1/18/2007 c1 59radioactive stanica
I really love this one! The way that it flowed and the thought behind it was just beautiful. I have to add this one to my C2!

Best Wishes
1/18/2007 c1 41L4m
That was a very good poem! It flowed together well and it was very nicely written!^^
1/18/2007 c1 81Princess-anna57
Great job. I like the flow of this poem especially. Well done, and keep writing.

~Anna~ ^_^

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