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for flying

1/30/2007 c1 54kaylajac
god, that ending. it gave me chills.

the first bit of it really caught my eye- nearly painful to read, but a very gripping beginning. this:

"I seek a sanctuary beyond the furthest star but instead/

it is you I notice, poised on the edge of forever,/

desperation and a final Icarus-recklessness in your eyes."

perfection. absolutely.
1/29/2007 c1 871no.peace.los.angeles
Very nice work with this one. I like how you took the story of Icarus to a whole new level by relating it to this relationship. Your descriptions are fresh and crisp, and it was just a wonderful poem. Nice work. Keep writing! :)
1/20/2007 c1 63lackluster
it's got something to do with my weird imagination, but i'm seeing gargoyles, which, in turn makes me think of gothic elements, and that adds to the already harsh and gorgeous imagery in this poem. i love it; it's perfect.
1/18/2007 c1 22Lucid Nonsense
Beautiful, great description. You just reminded how awesome a word entropy is.
1/18/2007 c1 26althasil
I really like this.

1/18/2007 c1 4cybergum
It has a unique flow. Nice, I liked it.
1/18/2007 c1 4SerialXLain
I love it... I can see everything perfectly... Beautiful and haunting.

The last line just gave me the chills. O_O

I'm in love with this. :P

1/18/2007 c1 14Jen calculates
I love the opening - it's sudden and slow at the same time, and I can really feel the narrator's wings unfolding out of their skin. Nice one :)

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