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4/19/2007 c1 books4me
Aw, that was really cute. I liked it. :)

* Books4mE *
4/16/2007 c1 Suneri
Ah! I knew it would be Alex! Okay, FINE, so I doubted the almighty fortune cookie when Will came into the picture, but still!

...Sort of makes me wonder if Alex didn't tamper with the fortune cookies...



In any case, you have a lovely writing style; not at all overdone, but not too simplistic, either. I'm going to move on to your other works, now!

3/2/2007 c1 wandless
That twist at the end was pretty cool! I wasn't expecting it. Ok, I was at the beginning, but then I didn't when Will turned up. Great read!
1/26/2007 c1 ChocolateCoveredRoses
Aww. Cute! :)
1/22/2007 c1 your harbor
Like always, I like this. Only thing I really have to add is that I don't really like Chinese food... at all. I like fortune cookies just for the fortunes though. Hah.
1/21/2007 c1 9sputnik sweetheart
Aw, I love the concept of this story! Haha, mainly because I collect fortunes from fortune cookies...but, blah, mine never come true. I've gotten weird ones ranging from "be as sexy as you can be" to "get another fortune."

Anyways, cute story.
1/20/2007 c1 12elisefey
Aw! That was so cute and happy! I liked it alot. :)
1/20/2007 c1 London Blaise
Oh wow, I really like this! It's clever and the ending is unexpected. The plot was light and humorous, and it made me feel good because who doesn't like a happy ending? Anyway, I thought it was great!
1/20/2007 c1 6MizSphinx
stupid login button!...right, moving on...

Yah, that was SO sweet! I REALLY thought it was Will! That was the greatest and neatest twist I've read in a LONG time and you need about an infinity and ten kudos for it! LOL! I enjoyed it immensely.

1/20/2007 c1 89Shadows in the Fire
Aw, this is cute. I hope you got an A. AND I love that Emma ends up with Alex.

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