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9/11/2015 c18 1firefox vixen
1/19/2015 c18 2Wynnfield
Omg. Why did you leave it hanging there.

Just when he found out about Dakota's family problems.

Just when I thought he could attend retribution...


No more
this is one of the slash fanfictions that I really enjoy in fictionpree, so I really hope you can continue it
9/27/2014 c18 Guest
I can't keep track of how many times I've read this fic. I do hope you haven't abandoned it because I'm still dying to know what happens next and how it ends.
9/18/2014 c18 7TunglMed
That's so mean! What happened to your New Year's resolution? :(
I suppose it is all coming together now but I still want to know what happened with Sidney and Griffin and Adriana. And what's going in with Charlotte, I loved their brother-sister relationship, I don't want it to be ruined.
9/10/2014 c18 dulcee
Not sure if you'll even see this, but holy crap, I enjoyed this story immensely!
Every chapter was well paced and had me drooling for the next one. I really like how you were able to give Dakota a spine despite his timid personality- and it's really effective in the story. Tbh I was slightly rooting for Sidney x Dakota after all the shit went down because the two of them are just adorbs.
I really hope you update sometime- it's been four years! I hope everything is going fine with you - but if you ever just have some extra time, maybe you could spare us a few paragraphs or so?
This is a wonderful story. I know the burden of trying come back to a somewhat abandoned story- but I hope you know that you still have faithful readers that patiently await your comeback!
/cue incoherent babbling/
Much love! 3
10/11/2013 c18 Guest
Eeek can I just tell you how much I love this story?! It's amazing! At first I thought it was going to be one of those typical 'shy virginal boy with problems is saved by outgoing, overly-sexual quirky boy' but it totally wasn't! I loved that Cody comes to realize that Griffin is a total jackass who really does pull pretty virginal boys out of the closet for fun. I mean 'I'm not ready to be in a relationship with you' means 'I was leading you on and I don't want to be your boyfriend and now I've been backed into a corner and forced to admit it' doesn't it? THAT'S WHAT IT MEANS RIGHT?!
10/11/2013 c18 Alora
I really wish you would update this, it's so good! The only way I could really picture it ending on my own was with Dakota and Sydney getting together. I couldn't see Griffin being anything more than the guy Adriana warned Cody about. It seems like he doesn't really deserve Cody.
9/23/2013 c18 the names mccree
oh my god. you have to update more
7/7/2013 c18 Bekkzizi
6/7/2013 c18 LieatWill
because seriously this is fucking good c'mon
I believe in you
4/30/2013 c18 newest fan
You evil cliff-hanging mistress! How could you wend st such a place and not give any sign that you might update in the near future! This story is too good to leave lying around, collecting dust, in the realms of fictionpress cyber-space. I really and truly have developed a deep-seated crush for Dakota and this story as a whole. I hour you update this really really really soon, because I don't think I'll survive for long without a continuation. Side note: I hope Charlotte, the father and mother get their just deserts and aren't just freely forgiven by Cody. Like Charlotte was last time.
4/17/2013 c18 Lapin
*falls over* That... WAS SUCH A CLIFFHANGER! GAH! I suppose that's what I get for reading something unfinished...
Anyway, awesome story so far. I've gotta say though, Charlotte is really a piece of work. She's so horrible to Dakota! *Gives Dakota a telepathic hug*
1/8/2013 c18 Make Your Mark
Holy crap I love this! Why haven't you updated? If I review continuously will you update...cos I will do that if I have to...I will make time. So yeah...sorry if I sound threatening...and all your comments about how you weren't sure if this story was going too slow in earlier chapters...? Yeah that is uneccescary worrying...this story is amazing and I would love to read more! PLEASE! It's been THREE WHOLE YEARS! I will beg you! I will! I swear!
8/10/2012 c18 3foreverandeverr
my god, how could you end it there and not update for almost 3 years! Why WHY!? Please update because I want to know what happens. Have you abandoned this story? Where are you? You're not dead are you? oh plz don't be dead...
I hope you update Someday Soon someday...and soon!
see what I did there :D
8/10/2012 c15 foreverandeverr
I prefer Griffin
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