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9/5/2009 c17 mer
on a more serious note, i get the feeling that this story has just begun. i don't know if you were aiming for that. in the sense that you've created these wonderfully complex problems and we are NOWHERE near the end. and i have this horrible nagging fear that you'll end all of this abruptly or something, so don't. please take your time and stretch out the characters and develop sidney's character, and we want all of the back story and everything! please. if you end this in like 3 chapters, i'll be unhappy (unless they are abnormally long). work at it, know you're appreciated! keep it up.
9/5/2009 c17 mer
ah! the deliciously scrumptious love triangle narrows! where are you going with this? omigod, do not give up on this. this is most intriguing - too intriguing. i swear, after all you've written and all of this plot-thickening, i have to say that i am most interested in what has yet to happen. what a page-turner. really.

so, uh, sidney or griffin, huh... :D choose wisely...haha.
9/1/2009 c17 HappyFlower
Id like to see more sydneyxgriffin background idk why but it sounds like a really cute story gone horribly wrong =]
8/19/2009 c17 Kayla
I really like this chapter! I think its so realistic and I personally really like the way Cody is so cautious and serious about his relationship with Griffin. On the other hand, I like how playful Griffin is. I find it interesting that although Griffin has acted like he wants to go out with Cody and they've been acting as though they are without declaring it, he says that he isn't actually ready to go out with Cody. Hmm, I wonder why? And, what is Cody's horrible dad up to? I have a bad feeling about him! And Charlotte, what's up with her horrible attitude. Poor Cody, if Griffin is letting him down what's he going to do? Also, I don't think Cody is too much of a girl, I think its cute how cautious and careful he is. Griffin's right it makes him more adorable. I don't think the rating should go up to M until you move past kissing and get into something like blowjobs and sex.Love your story, hope you can find the time to update soon!
8/17/2009 c17 1honey splattered brains
AH WHERE IS THE NEXT BUTTON? WHERE IS CHAPTER 17? NOO I MUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS. i bet griffins gunna be all awkward now andd dakota is gunna be with sidney more and more and then griffins gunna get jealous and then sidney will be all emo and YEAH. D:

me + this story = world peace
8/17/2009 c17 Deciding
Loving it (: Bitch Griffin! But I want Cody to be with Sid anyways so yeah
8/17/2009 c1 honey splattered brains
8/1/2009 c17 DELPROF
no! he's perfect, leave him the way he is. and in all actuality i'm rooting for a sydneyxdakota relationship!

update soon. like asap because i luv this story!
7/28/2009 c17 24fairies and snapple
I really like this story! Cody is not too much of a girl (I'll assume... I don't actually know for certain, for a fact what boys are like inside their own heads). All the characters are just really interesting, and I hope that he and Charlotte make up soon. And that you update soon!
7/11/2009 c17 XxX.SoundSparrow.XxX
ack! Griffin better get his act together!

lol this is really good, probably the best (and most interesting) story i've read on this site. keep up the good work! =)

personally, i like Cody the way he is. his personality makes the more intimate (can not think of that other word that i just had in my mind) scenes between him and Griffin especially interesting and funny, cuz of how easily Cody gets embarrassed.

but yeah, you might wanna think about upping the rating. or maybe just in the beginning of the chapter mention certain scenes that could be M rated.

all in all, very excellent, and i can't wait for the next chapter! =D
7/2/2009 c17 1wikus
I can't believe I did it again. Started to read yet another unfinished story that I'm going to get obsessed about and frustrated over the delay to update. I don't blame you for taking your time, thouhght, because it happens with everyone. Writers aren't machines. :)

Anyway, I like what I've read here thus far. The plot seems pretty obvious and simple - a gay teenage boy who's confused, lost and stuff. The many situations and characters, thought, are really charismatic. People seem very human and convincent, especially Cody. Charlotte, too. I actually *like* her, and I know most of people hate her. It's not that I agree with what she's doing, but the fact that she's being a bitch doesn't mean she's not a nice person. She doesn't seem to be bad, at least.

I like both Griffin and Sidney a lot. I think I like Griffin better, but maybe that's because we got to know him better. I miss some Sidney in the story, his real personality, his flaws, his moody moments, etc. He's a good character, but I just miss part of him sometimes. It's natural, thought, because Cody doesn't know him that well. They clearly like each other, but they don't share that much of their lives. Not that Griffin is an open book, but we've seem here in more different situations.

Still, if I could choose someone for Cody to date right now, that probably would be Sidney. I think Griffin likes Girlie (XD) a lot, but somehow they give me the impression that they are just potential good friends. I don't know, when they're together it's... well, they're obviously attracted to each other, they both find each other hot, etc. But that's physical. Their interections is more of friends than lovers. Not that it matters that much in their age, but I got the impression that with Sidney everything is more intense, even if nothing really happened yet.

I don't know if I'm making myself understood, but... XD

Well, as for Adriana and Matt, they really are lacking a personality. It didn't really bother me in any moment, but it's true. Nothing serious, thought.

And about Cody being too much of a girl... I wouldn't know, really. But I *think* he's ok. Not like most of boys, but like some of them. I don't think you made him just a girl with a penis, like some slash authors do. I don't really blame those, because I have a hard time to picture a guy and how he behaves too. But I think you're doing fine.

You know, I love how this story is not angts, nor comedy, nor romance, etc. It has all of it! I LMAO at some scenes (the one the book story with Sidney was priceless), and sometimes I get sad, and sometimes I get nervous. I really like it, it's well balanced. And the fact that it's about Cody&Someone falling deeply in love forever and ever for the first time they see each other is nice too. Not I dislike this kind of plot, but it gets tired with time. Sometimes it's nice just to read about someone's life that actually has real feelings. I like his confusion, and I like the way he screws things up sometimes.

Ohh, and I'll wait. Seriously, I beg for an update. I understand delays, but it doesn't mean I like them. XD Especially because I got attached to Cody, so yeah. And I just need to know what's going to happen next and his family's situation. And I beg for more Sidney! And Charlotte issue too! And a kiss? Between Cody and Sidney. That would be so great. :D

P.S.: I think T is fine for now, but I would rate M just in case.
7/2/2009 c17 3Max-Ashworth
Too much of a girl?


I kept wondering, "Mm, it's 5am, should I go to bed yet?...nah, there are only 4 more chapters..." and so on. lol

I love it. I love it all. And actually, (I know this is late, obviously, but lol I don't care) I like Sid more than Griffin. And not really for any specific reason beyond I just like his personality more. I would get along with him a lot more than Griffin. Sidney...I want to steal him. :D

This story makes my heart hurt a little. :( In a good way, of course. (My fangirl senses are too strong, thus making my heart too weak. I've decided this. It's probably why it feels like I have heart palpatations. Lol. And fangirl senses tie directly into the feelings you get from feeling for the characters of stories. I just made all that up. Probably because it's 5:30am and I'm tired.)

Well, keep it up, I'm going to bed lol. Hooray for more reviewers, am I right? xD
wow. this story is amazing. i love it. Dakota is my freaking hero. honestly.

I love(d) griffin. Up until oh- three seconds ago. lol.

wtf was that! "im not ready to be in a relationship." psh... f*cking pansy.

At first i thought sydney was just getting in the way with his quiet sexiness but you know what... screw you griffin!

7/1/2009 c17 2Bob Da Peach
Oh I am totally in love with this story!
6/30/2009 c17 narcissistic
wo.. and here i though Griffin was serious?wow that would make me feel like crap too.. like am i not good enough for a relationship? does he think im just a f*ck buddy or something? what was everything before t him? gr. that makes me mad at Griffin.. i feel so bad for Dakota...
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