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1/31/2010 c17 23Arastel
Okay, I'll admit it, I fell in love with your characters. I read then entire thing before realizing the update date. Please update the story, I want to know what's going to happen to Griffin.
1/1/2010 c17 1andnobodysmokes
This is a really great story so far. I like Dakota's sweet naivete and how he stubbornly defends his masculinity. I don't think he's too much of a girl; it seems more like he's a very inexperienced romantic. I also really like the uncertainty with Griffin and Sidney. I can't wait to find out what really happened between them. I'm glad you're not overdoing the abuse factor, too - that gets annoyingly unrealistic really fast. As for the rating, T is probably fine for now, but if you get into any more steamy scenes (please? pretty please?) you should probably up it to M. Basically, this is great so far. I can't wait for the update!
12/26/2009 c17 5eternallily
Hey! I really love your story. Cody is so adorable! I think that having T as your rating is fine. Hopefully, you'll update soon, because I'm excited to read your next chapter.

12/16/2009 c1 Kaamen
Please update soon and I do think that you should change it to M, just to let you know! That's my thoughts... anyway this is one of my fav stories so keep at what your doing and I hope to read more very soon! Pce,

~Kaamen ^w^
12/12/2009 c17 Anon
Griffen, the jerk. Did he really just do that? Oh now I feel sorry for little Dakota.

Anyway, it was a nice difference, rather then them just falling all over each other. I suppose, and it will make the story more interesting.

About the rating, I really don't know. I suppose it depends on what you are planning on doing in you story. And if you're asking how far you should take it, well, I don't really mind either way, I won't stop reading you story over the rating level.

When I think about it Dakota is a bit girly, but then that all depends on how you define girly. I mean, there are girls who act more like boys (a.k.a. tomboys) so I don't think it's wrong to say there are boys who act slightly less boyish, or manly-ish, or something-ish. I think he is fine as he is.

Well, this was another good chapter,and I look forward to the next one.
12/12/2009 c16 Anon
In answer of your question- whether I like Griffen or Sidney better- well, I would probably have to say Griffen.

I only say Griffen because I have seen more of him. I can fell more chemistry between him and Dakota as a result of seeing their interaction. He's quite interesting- even though we still don't know much about him outside that he has a crazy mother.

I think I could come to like Sydney as much or more if he was given more screen time. Thus far he seems like a good person who really seems to care about others.

I have to say, I can't wait to know what went on between Griffen and Sydney. And oh dear, Charlotte just had to do that. Actually, I've had my suspicions that she would get together with Ton from when she was first looking at him/met him in one of the earlier chapters. She seems a bit fickle, and I hope she realizes soon that she is being horrible to her brother.

I think your story is great, and I like all the characters. The only criticism I can give is to describe your characters more. It would help a lot with imagery- as of now I'm not entirely sure what Dakota's hair color is, though I may have simply missed it.

But I really like this story and you should most definitely continue on with it.
11/18/2009 c17 aloneandlonly
i absolutely love this story. i dont think you should change a thing... accept the shortness of it... i really hope you continue it and soon,. im dieing to find out whats next. oh and did i mention I F*IN LOVE THIS STORY!
11/17/2009 c17 13morphine and lollipops
NYAH! Hahahaha. Now, watch Cody get ubar close with Sidney andGriff get jealous and oh. I likey. I likey majorly.

Update soon!

And see told ya I would read it all.
11/16/2009 c5 morphine and lollipops
I love this, and knowing me, I should stop NOW before it gets any later and I am up all night reading. Will finish later though. FOR SURE.
11/6/2009 c17 RockMySoul
i think the rating is fine where it is...once they don't have sex. im actually hoping they don't-i don't read M rated stories(im lame...i know xD)so im hoping you don't change it.

I don't believe dakota is too girly. at all. just...soft. there are guys like that.

Um...what the HELL happened with giffin? man, im sorry, but that was like a slap to the face. seriously. i wasnt expecting it. at all. im getting the feeling like he's afraid he wont be good enough for dakota or something. like theyll end up like him and sidney...idk. but that just felt weird. i would feel so totally used and weird knowing someone i was making out with and hanging around didnt want to be in a relationship with me(not that ive had many of those...)but thats just me.

the story is unfolding more but i hope its not one of those stories where bad things just keep happening and new problems just keep arising for the main character every few chapters. personally, i dislike stories like those. i think it should have a beginning, middle and end, where there's one big plot in the behind story and everything is happening to reach the end point.

yeah...and you probably didnt even need to know all that...

but don't get me wrong i love this story. i think your characters have depth, despite your doubts lol, and they all have distinctive personalities and dont all blend together. i remember you were expressing concern about matt and adriana's personalities being non-existant and...i honestly think thats okay. theyre there but arent they sort of kinda background..? they dont need much depth...i think, heh. but anyhoo, pretty awesome work so far. im glad i found it and stuff. i was actually pondering its events during school today...told my friend about it too..

yeah, so this review has been going on really long now...to imma end it, hehe. i cant argue with the slow updates as i do the exact same thing. but in my case its more laziness than anything else...that and lack of inspiration...xD

but, okay, im talking(writing?) again so im going to stop. like right...NOW.
10/10/2009 c17 Me
Hurry up with the next chapter you slow, slow person! PLEASE! I love this story so much and if there isn't a new chapter soon I think I am going to die, and if I do; I want you to remember that it is all your fault :'(
10/9/2009 c17 Lunecee-pyon

What's d matter with Griffin? Such a jerk! So he's juz playing around?

I hate him, I hate him!

B, but..

I love him too *bloodtears*

Sidney's nice, but dont let him get in their way. Im not fond of slash triangle love, seriously.

And that Charlotte! Is she dating Tony? Whoa, I cant wait for the next chapter! Please, dont turn my Griffy into a jerk later~
9/20/2009 c17 lazyxhime
Update! T-T

This is freaking angtsy romantic that I want to read more! I love Dakota, Sydney and Griffin's character! PLEASE UPDATE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!
9/15/2009 c17 3MyLifeSoundtrack
OMG! I love this story and I really, really hope that you plan on updating soonish.
9/11/2009 c17 9Sunset'Cream
I personally think you should up the rating to M just to be honest! I love this story so far! I like read all the chapters in an hour! It's really easy to see and feel what the Dakota is feeling. Please update soon!
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