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for Terpsichore

4/15/2007 c2 65Nemonus
What exactly does Terpischore mean? I'm not ignorant of mythology, but I've never heard that one.

Wow, this little poem was interesting. It's a brave thing to say to the audience, and gives the impression that you are very aware of them/us. "I hope to get every piece and every line of this story back." is poignant. How, though, will that be acheived? The rhythm is pretty good, with a surface of emotion.
4/15/2007 c1 Nemonus
Very interesting. I do not think I could feel this way, but the poem makes me feel like I have. I like the line "I am in love with those that love the universe" and "... I am only comparing the universe to the girl in the starry dress/

And I am only comparing the one in love with the boy that doesn't love me." " could not and would never want to end the feeling that he had," breaks the rhythm a bit; I think it is too long. The last stanza is very poignant. You have captured an emotion and a moment well here.
1/21/2007 c2 858Anna178
This is much shorter than the last but still very good. I respect you posting this cause if I ever (and it's rare) write honest poems relating to how I feel about romantic issues I never post them. Just hide them away in My Documents and let them rot. So, thanks for putting it out there and well done, as always, even if it sounds generic to say so. Can you tell I don't really know what to say again? lol.


And P.S. I love the title. Terpsichore. You know I love little things like that. Mythology and all that.
1/21/2007 c1 Anna178
This is really beautiful, because the emotions in it are so strong. I really dont know what to say to you, though I hope you can work things out with yourself and be okay and all that. lol. Sorry if that lol's outta place, I seem to lol to ease tention a lot. And sorry to impede on an review with personal stuff, but I kinda want to talk to you about something because I need to talk to someone and you seem like a good canidate. lol. I really need to pour my heart out and besides, if you need to talk to me I'd be happy to oblige. So, basically, good luck, eh?

1/21/2007 c1 20Frosthold
Very good! Is this poem based on your experience?

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