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for Complications of The Heart

12/17/2007 c9 35Frau Welt
Good story...waiting to read more!
9/28/2007 c8 4CaliforniaGirl88
Great job! Keep going.
9/5/2007 c7 CaliforniaGirl88
Nice! I love this chapter. Keep it up!
9/5/2007 c7 Marsherlin
"Nothing hurts more than knowing that the person you love is in love with someone else, especially when that someone else happens to be your best friend."

Oh yes, that's true. Well, I don't know about the best friend part but I know about the latter so I presume the former would hurt even more.
8/15/2007 c6 CaliforniaGirl88
Ooh la la Alex is such a sweetie, caring about Sara! :) Keep going.
8/14/2007 c6 SuperCUTEJensen
great chapter I love it so far...cant wait for more..hope you update soon
8/13/2007 c5 CaliforniaGirl88
Whoot, keep going! :P
8/13/2007 c5 2Salyl
AH! Sara's just as paranoid as I am (and let me tell you, that is VERY)...

Update soon =D

8/13/2007 c5 Marsherlin
Aww, sho sweet! That's too cute, I wish I owned that shop as well. I have this chocolate addiction I can't kick, lmao. xD
8/11/2007 c4 4CaliforniaGirl88
Oi this is getting better! I can't wait for the next chapter!
8/11/2007 c4 Marsherlin
Hahahaha! She's quite a funny character, isn't she! xD
8/7/2007 c3 CaliforniaGirl88
Update this instant, woman! :P LOL Please? Great job!
7/10/2007 c2 CaliforniaGirl88
Aw, you made Chris a nasty dude now! LOL. Still pretty good though ^^' Keep it up.
7/6/2007 c1 CaliforniaGirl88
I like this revised version! ^_^
5/26/2007 c11 3Emotionless Crystal
You know the funny thing...my mom's name is Abigail.
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