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for Blind Yourself

4/24/2017 c14 renell.mallari.1995
Please update. Pretty please!
7/5/2016 c14 1freakazoid-13
Oh my god! How can there be no more story?! What happened! Omg, are you ok? Did something terrible happen? I hope you're still alive! I really, truly loved this story and was on the edge of my seat every chapter. I got a serious case of literary blue balls now lol I can't even try to imagine what comes next because it's all so hauntingly shrouded in mystery! I hope you come back to this story one day. Or maybe you have a livejournal where you finished it...? Gah! How will I rest not knowing why in the hell Arthur even kidnapped him in the first place, if Luc is really dead, what in the hell is wrong with Cecelia and if she wasn't being raped then what the hell was happening to her, what IS actually wrong with Arthur, is he a vampire, and if he's a vampire then how can he eat food?! So many questions I'll never know the answers to! What cruelty is this! Is there no justice in this world!
8/13/2015 c14 Charnette
This is so sick! In a good way, because I totally enjoyed what you've posted thus far. And there are no straight answers to pretty much anything, which is a bit frustrating but oh, so intriguing :D Love the characters. Hopefully you'll someday post more, can't wait what's next.
2/14/2015 c14 HIVENET
I don't know why I like this.
..but I do.
2/11/2015 c14 color-of-her-eye
Oh god, how does it end?
Its so well written and thrilling - I hope you'll finish it one day.
1/9/2015 c14 3morningstorm70
Please continue I want to know what happens to Steven .
I'm hooked
12/6/2014 c14 staphy
You know what ? I dont care that you need two years to post a chapter. I have been reading your story since 2010, from time to time, and I love it. Even if you post a new chapter in 2018. I would prefer it to be sooner, of course, but I am already thankful for the chapters you gave us, because its fucking brilliant. It's nothing I can compare with, a pleasure for the mind. So I hope you are not putting pressure on yourself. Take the time you need, i just hope this is not over yet :)
11/29/2014 c14 Amanda
The least you can do is tell us whether or not you'll be updating this or not. It's a really strange story, that's why I love it. Arthur is one messed up guy!
11/26/2014 c14 tyves986
I am not sure how much review this will be, it's mostly a reaction. Well to be honest I thought Arthur was something supernatural for awhile, than I thought he couldn't be and was simply really charismatic. Now I am still leaning towards supernatural? Not sure, Twitch and Cecila are weird (Cecilia is really a creepy kid).

Twitch seem to have thought that Arthur couldn't have hurt Steven? Or maybe it was that he couldn't have raped him. Unless that is hero worship or something. Lots of things that are a mystery. Like why Arthur took him home. What is Arthur and Trenton's relationship? What are the "jobs"? What Where are Twitch'es and Cecilia's parents? Why does Arthur oscillate between insane/creepy to manipulative to kind/caring. Maybe he just likes to control people and he is always being manipulative. Though there is a childish quality about him (autism?). Maybe he and Trenton are runaways from some sex slave ring. They never really grew up and have slightly differing morals since they never learned them? Or something along those lines. Or they grew up in a home that was isolated and they were under some kind of duress.

Well doesn't look like you are updating this anymore? If you do, I would love to know more about Arthur and the rest of the characters.
10/20/2014 c14 Guest
Arthur is a psycho. So please do not make Steve like him immediately or even like at all. I'm still insure where this fic is going. But Steve needs to get strong.
7/18/2014 c14 9VisualKeiRocker92761
Wait, where is the next chapter?! No, there must be more!
5/27/2014 c14 1Everfew
It's a nice story. I believe either Milo or Twitch did the raping - they're the ones no one suspects.

Will you ever update? This hasn't been touched in a while, and I'd really like to see where it's going.
5/27/2014 c11 anon
This ahsn't been updated in a while. Is the story still alive?
3/25/2014 c14 Lily Mayflower
This was a real adventure. It left me breathless, confused, and hopefull... I like the writing, it's obvious you put a lot of effort and talent into it. It left a whole lot to the imagination, thou'. I mean, I read this review where someone was talking about the Stockholm syndrome, and I was like: "What?". One can interpret the story that way, or as a drama that will end in bloodshed, or as a twisted joke that will be revealed eventually, or a hopeless story of the boy that killed himself eventually, or the beginning of a gang/maffia story with recruiting, or a prostitution ring, or a house for the hopeless that get treated by the unconventional doctor Arthur, or a supranatural book where we find Arthur to be a vampire/naughty pixie with the big guys as bodyguards and the other two (twitchy and the girl) as ocassional snacks ... I read it with the last version in mind, almost expecting Arthur to bite Steven and then apologise for acting strage because he was thirsty ... Can't wait for the next chapter :)
12/5/2013 c1 5Tippiting Icebergs
Okay, I rather like how this story is written but I have a few problems with it.
First, I don't think the genre is relevant to the story maybe perhaps it should be a sub-genre ( which you already have it as) and I thought this as more of a thriller because goddamn it kept me holding my breath while I forced myself to keep reading. It's exhilarating and it's different so I give it points for that.
Second, I totally dislike the whole romanticization of Stockholm Syndrome. I understand that that is basically the point of this story but I find it hard to read for that reason. But I also like that it gives us a possible insight to what actual victims of kidnapping might face (w/o the romantic feelings mind you).
And I do love the characters. Twitch is an adorable kid, and Cecilia has obviously lost a screw. Trenton's intimidation and Milo's nonchalance show diverse they are and how equally unpredictable every character is. And I especially like Arthur's insanity; while Steven... He's such a child. His pacifism and naivety makes me hate him but also love him.
I did enjoy the story though. Great job.
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